Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added variable uwsgi_tls which when added to a uwsgi_services item enables TLS for that service. uwsgi_tls is a dict and should contain 2 keys crt and key, which define the path to the certificate and its corresponding key respectively. The certificate file should contain any intermediate certificates required by a client to verify trust.

  • The variable uwsgi_bind_address can now be a single IP address passed as a string, or a list of IP addresses passed in a yaml list to the uwsgi role. This allows uwsgi to listen on a specific set of IP addresses rather than just a single one.

  • Added variable uwsgi_ini_overrides and uwsgi_init_config_overrides which might be useful if deployer wants to adjust some uwsgi parameter for all services, so that there was no necessity to use bunch of the overrides for each service.