Mitaka 시리즈에 대한 릴리즈 노트


업그레이드 노트

  • Add a tool for migrating alarm and alarm history data from NoSQL storage to SQL storage. The migration tool has been tested OK in devstack environment, but users need to be cautious with this, because the data migration between storage backends is a bit dangerous.


버그 수정

  • [bug 1575530] Patch was added to fix and improve the partition coordinator, make sure the input tasks can be correctly distributed to partition members.


새로운 기능

  • Add a new composite type alarm, which allow users specifying a composite rule to define an alarm with multiple triggering conditions, using a combination of and, or relationships. The composite rule is composed of multiple threshold rules or gnocchi rules.

  • Gnocchi dispatcher now uses client rather than direct http requests

  • Add support for Keystone v3 authentication

  • Support for queue based communication between alarm evaluator service and alarm notifier services was added. Original implementation involved using RPC but there is significant overhead involved with using RPC. Work queues provided required functionality with better performance.

  • Remove eventlet from Aodh in favour of threaded approach

업그레이드 노트

  • A new default policy.json is provided to properly handle RBAC control. Existing policy.json files may not grant the appropriate access.

  • ceilometer+gnocchi 를 사용할 경우, gnocchiclient 라이브러리가 필요합니다.

  • Queue based communication is the new default IPC protocol. RPC can still be used by choosing rpc as ipc_protocol option. Only one protocol can be run at any given time.

사용하지 않는 기능

  • Drop support for NoSQL backends in Aodh. SQL is a prefectly sufficient backend for handling the scope of alarms. To maximise available resources, NoSQL backends are deprecated so developers do not need to worry about adding features to multiple backends.

  • Because queues provide the equivalent functionality. RPC support is deprecated and will be removed after Mitaka.

보안 이슈

  • Patch was added to address inconsistent RBAC policy handling. Certain rules may not have been given appropriate access.

버그 수정

  • [bug 1540395] Fix reason string to properly handle transitions when one sample is outside of defined threshold.

  • [bug 1518447] Fix to ensure ceilometerclient is properly initialised on startup.

  • [bug 1511252] Fix an issue with combination alarms where it fails to evaluate all issues in the chain of alarms.

  • [bug 1539069] Fix to handle scenario where no valid statistics exist for specified period.

  • [bug 1513738] Fix an issue where alarms using Gnocchi aggregations are not being evaluated.

  • [bug 1504495] Patch was added to address inconsistent RBAC policy handling. Certain rules may not have been given appropriate access.