Ocata - Série de Notas de Versão


Correção de erros

  • When an unprivileged user want to access to Gnocchi resources created by Ceilometer, that doesn’t work because the filter scope the Gnocchi query to resource owner to the user. To fix we introduce a new configuration option “gnocchi_external_project_owner” set by default to “service”. The new filter now allow two kind of Gnocchi resources:

    • owned by the user project

    • owned by “gnocchi_external_project_owner” and the original project_id of the resource is the user project.


Novos recursos

  • A healthcheck endpoint is provided by default at /healthcheck. It leverages oslo_middleware healthcheck middleware. It allows to retrieve information about the health of the API service.

Notas de atualização

  • A opção api.pecan_debug foi removida.

  • Todos os drivers non-SQL obsoletos foram removidos.

Outras notas

  • Gnocchi aggregation capabilities are now cached to minimise redundant calls to Gnocchi when validating aggregation methods. The cache is stored in-memory for an hour. If additional aggregations are added to Gnocchi, they will not be proprogated to Aodh’s API service for at most an hour or unless the service is restarted.

  • Aodh now leverages microseconds timestamps available since MySQL 5.6.4, meaning it is now the minimum required version of MySQL.