Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • barbican_endpoint_type is now used to retrieve Barbican endpoint URL from service catalog. This config option is set to ‘public’ by default so it will not change the current behaviour.


New Features

  • Historically, the vault key manager backend converts its managed objects to dictionaries in order to send them as a json object. To promote cross-backend compatibility, suck feature should be migrated to managed objects. Methods from_dict() and to_dict() added to class ManagedObject. The Method from_dict() is a class method to create instances based on a dictionary while the method to_dict() is an instance method to translate an instance to a dictionary.


Bug Fixes

  • In some situations, vault will not provide KV API version in the options structure. Vault documentation [1] doesn’t cover cases when KV API version is not provided. A new configuration option, with default value equivalent to the latest KV API version available (kv_version=2) was added to allow precise configuration of the KV API being used.



Bug Fixes

  • Add a new parameter, verify_ssl_path, that can be used to configure the path to CA certs when verifying requests to Barbican.