Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Added iSCSI and Fibre Channel volume drivers for DataCore’s SANsymphony and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN storage.

  • Added a new configuration option image_conversion_disable to disallow conversion between image disk format and volume format when doing certain operations. This can prevent performance problems on a cinder-volume node due to the large amount of system resources consumed during image conversion. The default value is False, which corresponds to Cinder’s current behaviour to always attempt image conversion.

    This option affects three Block Storage API calls:

    • Upload volume to image: POST /v3/volumes/{volume_id}/action with the os-volume_upload_image action. This call will result in a 400 (Bad Request) response when an image disk_format that would require conversion is requested.

    • Create a volume: POST /v3/volumes with an imageRef attribute in the request body. This will result in a 202 (Accepted) response, but if the image’s disk_format would require conversion to be written to the volume, the volume will go to error status.

    • Reimage a volume: POST /v3/volumes/{volume_id}/action with the os-reimage action. This call will result in a 202 (Accepted) response, but if the image’s disk_format would require conversion to be written to the volume, the volume will go to error status.

    In the latter two cases, an end user can determine what happened by using the Messages API, which can be accessed using the cinderclient or openstackclient.

  • Dell PowerStore: Added NFS storage driver.

  • Yadro Tatlin Unified: Added initial version of the iSCSI driver.

  • The Swift backup driver now supports sending a X-Service-Token header with a service token when the new backup_swift_service_auth config option is enabled. Please note that you still need to configure the [service_user] group and also set send_service_user_token to enable the behaviour and not only the Swift backup driver option. Note send_service_user_token enables it globally and will also affect communication with Nova and Glance.

  • Dell EMC PowerStore driver: Report trimming/discard support to Nova and Cinder.

  • Dell EMC PowerMax driver: Report trimming/discard support to Nova and Cinder.

  • Dell EMC PowerFlex driver: Report trimming/discard support to Nova and Cinder on thin volumes that don’t have snapshots. Not doing trim on volumes with snapshots is the vendor’s recommendation, but can be overriden with the report_discard_supported configuration option.

  • Seagate driver: Added support for get_driver_options api call

  • Lenovo driver: Return additional configuration options from get_driver_options call

  • Dell PowerStore driver: Added NVMe-TCP support.

  • Pure Storage adds a new driver to support NVMe-RoCE for the FlashArray. All features of the iSCSI and FC drivers are fully supported by this new driver with the exception of synchronous replication.

Upgrade Notes

  • Support for MySQL 5.5 has been dropped.

  • Python 3.6 & 3.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported is Python 3.8.

  • The storage_protocol treats all variants of the protocol name as the same regarding matches, so for example using FC, fc, or fibre_channel will be treated equally in the scheduler, be it when filtering using the volume type’s extra specs or when using filter and goodness functions.

    The storage protocol reporting via the REST API will be now the same for them all, using the preferred naming, FC, NVMe-oF, iSCSI, NFS…

    If your deployment uses storage_protocol to differentiate between backends that use the same protocol but report it using different variants, be aware that they will no longer be differentiated.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1980268: When creating a volume from an image, a check has been added to compare the requested volume size to the image’s virtual_size property and fail the request if the volume will be too small to contain the image. If the image record does not contain this property, the request is accepted but the volume will go to error status if the image does not fit (which is the current behavior).

  • Fixed a CHAP authentication issue while trying to attach an iSCSI volume using the NetApp ONTAP driver. Please refer to the Launchpad bug #1914639 for more details.

  • Bug #1929223: Fixed HTTPS certificate validation was disabled in PowerFlex connector.

  • RBD driver bug #1942210: When creating a volume from a snapshot, the operation could fail due to an uncaught exception being raised during a check to see if the backend Ceph installation supported the clone v2 API. The driver now handles this situation gracefully.

  • Bug #1944577: Managing a volume to an encrypted type was never a good idea because there was no way to specify an encryption key ID so that the volume could be used. Requests to manage a volume to an encrypted volume type now result in an invalid request response.

  • IBM DS8000 Driver Bug #1951046: Fixed detach issue for multi-attach volumes. Detach the volume without deleting the host until attachment count is zero.

  • NetApp ONTAP driver bug #1955057: Fixed the function get_ontap_version on Cinder NetApp driver, now it returns a tuple of integers instead of a string.

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize family driver Bug #1960314: Fixed resize issue for GMCV volumes which are a part of a consistency group(CG).

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize family driver Bug #1960315: Fixed delete and resize volume issues in during reverse replication and added support to extend the volume for failover scenarios.

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize Family driver: Bug #1961548: Optimize lsvdisk and lssystem calls to reduce the computational time for creating GMCV volumes.

  • Bug #1965847: Fixed issue where importing a backup record for a backup_id that currently existed had the unfortunate side effect of deleting the existing backup record.

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize family driver Bug #1966639: Fixed resize issue in reverse replication for the volumes which are a part of a consistency group(CG).

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize Family driver: Bug #1968159: Fix for retype failure for replicated volume-type. Controlling chfcmap call for rc_controlled fcmap for replication-type volumes during retype operation.

  • PowerFlex driver Bug #1968164: Fixed the display of the incorrect volume size on volume or snapshot creation. PowerFlex storage requires volumes sizes to be a multiple of 8 GiB. This size was being reported to the end user, potentially causing confusion by being different than what they requested.

  • Bug #1968170: Fixed the message created when Nova fails to reimage the volume.

  • Bug #1970768: Fixed status of temporary volumes when creating backups and reverting to a snapshot, preventing accidental manual deletion of those resources.

  • RBD driver bug #1916843: Fixed rpc timeout when backing up RBD snapshot. We no longer flatten temporary volumes and snapshots.

  • Bug #1979666: PowerMax driver : Fixed rare case where the SRP in the local and remote arrays are different when managing volumes into OpenStack. For backward compatibility and name matching, the default storage group will assume the SRP name of the local array on both arrays.

  • Bug #1969366: Fixed reporting of cacheable capability by drivers.

  • Fix NetApp iSCSI and FC driver issues with custom initiator groups. (bug 1697490).

  • NFS driver bug #1946059: Fixed revert to snapshot operation.

  • Bug #1966103: Fixed inconsistent behaviour of storage_protocol among different backends that report variants of the protocol name, such as FC, fc, fibre_channel.

  • Bug #1901188: Fix unnecessary migration on retype when QoS has the same elements in both types.

  • HPE 3PAR driver Bug #1958122: Fixed issue of multi-detach operation in multi host environment.

  • NetApp ONTAP: Fix check QoS minimum support for SVM scoped account. See: Bug #1924798.

  • NetApp SolidFire driver Bug #1934435: Fixed errors that might occur when an operation is made to a volume at the same time as the Element OS upgrades.

  • NetApp SolidFire driver bug #1934459: Fixed backend initialization failing with RecursionError error when OSProfiler is enabled.

  • PowerStore driver bug #1981068: Fixed request data validation for the REST client.

  • Bug #1951982: Fixed cloning of encrypted volumes not using multipathing to change the encryption key used on the new volume.

  • Bug #1951977: Fixed backup create and restore not using multipath configuration when attaching the volume.

  • Kaminario driver bug #1951981: Fixed create volume from volume or snapshot not using multipath configuration.


Welcome to the Yoga release of the OpenStack Block Storage service (cinder). With this release, the Block Storage API version 3 has reached microversion 3.68. The Cinder team would like to bring the following points to your attention. Details may be found throughout this document.

  • Microversion 3.67 is introduced as a marker to indicate that any instance of the Block Storage API 3.67 or greater treats a project_id in the URL as optional. This change is backward compatible: the API can handle legacy URLs containing a project_id as well as URLs without a project_id. This is the case regardless of what microversion specified in a request. See the “New Features” section for details.

  • Microversion 3.68 introduces a new volume action, os-reimage, that allows a user to replace the current content of a specified volume with the data of a specified image supplied by the Image service (glance). See the “New Features” section for details.

  • Some new backend storage drivers have been added, and many current drivers have added features and fixed bugs.