Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Fujitsu ETERNUS DX driver: Improve volume deletion

    To improve the volume deletion process, add a step to check associated copy sessions. Additionally, it also improves the process of retrieving storage-managed volume numbers.

    There was a problem where the volume could not be deleted because the copy session information acquired by SMI-S IF from ETERNUS DX Storage, which was cached and did not reflect the information that had just been executed.

    This problem has been addressed through improvements in information retrieval.

  • Pure Storage FlashArray drivers upgraded to remove REST 1.x support and changed to REST 2.4 as the minimum supported version.

  • Pure Storage FlashArray drivers changed minimum supported Purity//FA version to 6.1.0.

Upgrade Notes

  • Dell PowerMax Driver: introduced a new configuration option, snapvx_unlink_symforce, to address Bug #2045230. See the Bug Fixes section for details.

  • [Pure Storage] Changed Python SDK driver requirement from purestorage to py-pure-client to support change to Purity//FA REST 2.x API calls.

Bug Fixes

  • Dell PowerMax driver bug #2034937: Fixed

    This change is to update the live migration ability in environments using PowerMax. In the previous 2023.1 version, the live migration fails without a pool name. This update adds the ability of live migration without a pool name.

  • StorPool driver bug #1939241: Fixed the creation of encrypted StorPool volumes by dropping the needlessly and incompletely overridden _attach_volume() and _detach_volume() methods.

  • Dell PowerMax Driver Bug #2045230: Fixed the issue that Dell PowerMax SnapVx link fails as the linked device is not yet fully defined.

    Previously, the below operations could fail if the linked device was not yet fully defined at the time of the call. Now, when snapvx_unlink_symforce is enabled, those operations are not interrupted by not fully defined devices.

    By default, snapvx_unlink_symforce is False. Use extreme caution with this option. If used when a link is copy in progress or when a restore is restore in progress, this will cause an incomplete copy and data on the copy target would not be usable.

    Impacted operations:

    • Clone a volume

    • Create a volume from a snapshot

    • Create volume snapshots

    • Delete volume snapshots

    • Revert volume to snapshot

    • Create generic volume group from source

    • Unmanage volumes

  • Bug #2058596: Fixed broken backup_swift_service_auth=True which made swift backup driver consistently fail during object data access.

  • Bug #1938488: When cleaning up a failed backup, clean up the snapshot status when the backup source is a snapshot

  • StorPool driver bug #2002995: When retyping a volume on a StorPool backend to a different volume type also on that StorPool backend but using a different StorPool template, occasionally the retype operation would fail or the old volume could be left attached to a StorPool client. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • Bug #2031897: Fixed issues for volume backups with the Ceph driver where failures of the first process (“rbd export-diff”) were not caught. Instead, only the return code of the second process (“rbd import-diff”) was recognized.

    This change also preserves the stderr that was lost previously in order to ease debugging.

  • Hitachi driver bug #2063317: Fix test scripts to avoid failing by unexpected response from psuedo REST API server

  • HPE 3PAR driver bug #2021941: Fixed: Now clone of replicated volume can be created