Current Series Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #2007615: the restore operation of the Cinder backup service now restores into sparse volumes, if possible. So, operators no longer need more space than used previously when they restore from a disaster.

  • Dell PowerMax Driver Bug #1981420: Fixed issue faced while creating synchronous volume which was caused by incorrect handling of the force flag. This is corrected by checking volume type extra specs for the value of “force_vol_edit” parameter along with the “force” parameter.

  • HPE 3PAR driver bug #2008931: Fixed issue when performing migrate volume operation when comment attribute is missing from the volume.

  • Dell PowerFlex driver bug #1998136: When using self signed certificates, the option sent to os-brick via the connection_properties was not correctly handled. It has now been fixed by adding the ‘verify_certificate’ and ‘certificate_path’ to the driver when initializing the connection.

  • Bug #2008259: Fixed the volume create functionality where non-admin users were able to create multiattach volumes by providing the multiattach parameter in the request body. Now we can only create multiattach volumes using a multiattach volume type, which is also the recommended way.

Other Notes

  • Removed the ability to create multiattach volumes by specifying multiattach parameter in the request body of a volume create operation. This functionality is unsafe, can lead to data loss, and has been deprecated since the Queens release. The recommended method for creating a multiattach volume is to use a volume type that supports multiattach. By default, volume types can only be created by the operator. Users who have a need for multiattach volumes should contact their operator if a suitable volume type is not available.