Queens バージョンのリリースノート



  • The XtremIO driver has been fixed to correctly report the "free_capacity_gb" size.

  • PowerMax Driver - Issue with upgrades from pre Pike to Pike and later. The device is not found when trying to snapshot a legacy volume.



  • Fixes a bug that prevented distributed file system drivers from creating snapshots during volume clone operations (NFS, WindowsSMBFS, VZstorage and Quobyte drivers). Fixing this allows creating snapshot based backups.

  • Fix DetachedInstanceError is not bound to a Session for VolumeAttachments. This affected VolumeList.get_all, and could make a service fail on startup and make it stay in down state.

  • Bug 1809249 - 3PAR driver adds the config option hpe3par_target_nsp that can be set to the 3PAR backend to use when multipath is not enabled and the Fibre Channel Zone Manager is not used.



  • Fixed NetApp SolidFire bug that avoided multiatached volumes to be deleted.

  • Kaminario FC and iSCSI drivers: Fixed bug 1829398 where force detach would fail.

  • NetApp iSCSI drivers no longer use the discovery mechanism for multipathing and they always return all target/portals when attaching a volume. Thanks to this, volumes will be successfully attached even if the target/portal selected as primary is down, this will be the case for both, multipath and single path connections.



  • Fixed group availability zone-backend host mismatch [Bug 1773446].



  • Dell EMC VNX Driver: Fixes bug 1817385 to make sure the sg can be created again after it was destroyed under destroy_empty_storage_group setting to True.



  • Multiattach support is disabled for the LVM driver when using the LIO iSCSI target. This functionality will be fixed in a later release.


  • Beginning with Cinder version 12.0.0, as part of the Queens release "policies in code" community effort, Cinder has had the ability to run without a policy file because sensible default values are specified in the code. Customizing the policies in effect at your site, however, still requires a policy file. The default location of this file has been /etc/cinder/policy.json (although the documentation has indicated otherwise). With this release, the default location of this file is changed to /etc/cinder/policy.yaml.

    Some points to keep in mind:

    • The policy file to be used may be specified in the /etc/cinder/cinder.conf file in the [oslo_policy] section as the value of the policy_file configuration option. That way there's no question what file is being used.

    • To find out what policies are available and what their default values are, you can generate a sample policy file. To do this, you must have a local copy of the Cinder source code repository. From the top level directory, run the command:

      tox -e genpolicy

      This will generate a file named policy.yaml in the etc/cinder directory of your checked-out Cinder repository.

    • The sample file is YAML (because unlike JSON, YAML allows comments). If you prefer, you may use a JSON policy file.

    • Beginning with Cinder 12.0.0, you only need to specify policies in your policy file that you want to differ from the default values. Unspecified policies will use the default values defined in the code. Given that a default value must be specified in the code when a new policy is introduced, the default policy, which was formerly used as a catch-all for policy targets that were not defined elsewhere in the policy file, has no effect. We mention this because an old upgrade strategy was to use the policy file from the previous release with "default": "role:admin" (or "default": "!") so that newly introduced actions would be blocked from end users until the operator had time to assess the implications of exposing these actions. This strategy no longer works. Hopefully this isn't a problem because we're defining sensible defaults in the code. It would be a good idea, however, to generate the sample policy file with each release (see instructions above) to verify this for yourself.


  • PowerMax driver - Workload support was dropped in ucode 5978. If a VMAX All Flash array is upgraded to 5978 or greater and existing volume types leveraged workload e.g. DSS, DSS_REP, OLTP and OLTP_REP, certain operations will no longer work and the volume type will be unusable. This fix addresses these issues and fixes problems with using old volume types with workloads included in the volume type pool_name.

  • Fixed a bug which could create volumes with invalid content in case of unhandled errors from glance client (Bug #1799221).

  • The Solidfire cinder driver has been fixed to ensure delete happens on the correct volume.

  • Cinder will now consume quota when importing new backup resource.

  • Fixes a bug in NetApp SolidFire where the deletion of group snapshots was failing.

  • Fixes force_detach behavior for volumes in NetApp SolidFire driver.

  • Updated the parameter storwzie_preferred_host_site from StrOpt to DictOpt in cinder back-end configuration, and removed it from volume type configuration.



  • The NetApp ONTAP driver supports a new configuration option netapp_api_trace_pattern to enable filtering backend API interactions to log. This option must be specified in the backend section when desired and it accepts a valid python regular expression.

  • Support for retype and volume migration for HPE Nimble Storage driver.


  • In NEC driver, the number of volumes in a storage pool is no longer limited to 1024. More volumes can be created with storage firmware revision 1015 or later.


  • Removed the ability to create volumes in a ScaleIO Storage Pool that has zero-padding disabled. A new configuration option sio_allow_non_padded_volumes has been added to override this new behavior and allow unpadded volumes, but should not be enabled if multiple tenants will utilize volumes from a shared Storage Pool.


  • Fixed support for IPv6 on management and data paths for NFS, iSCSI and FCP NetApp ONTAP drivers.

  • Fix a quota usage error triggered by a non-admin user backing up an in-use volume. The forced backup uses a temporary volume, and quota usage was incorrectly updated when the temporary volume was deleted after the backup operation completed. Fixes bug 1778774.

  • Volume "force delete" was introduced with the 3.23 API microversion, however the check for in the service was incorrectly looking for microversion 3.2. That check has now been fixed. It is possible that an API call using a microversion below 3.23 would previously work for this call, which will now fail. This closes bug #1783028.

  • Fixed bug #1783582, where calls to os-force_detach were failing on NetApp ONTAP iSCSI/FC drivers.

  • VMAX driver - fixes SSL certificate verification error.

  • Dell EMC Unity Driver: Fixes bug 1773305 to return the targets which connect to the logged-out initiators. Then the zone manager could clean up the FC zone based on the correct target wwns.



  • Dell EMC Unity Driver: Adds support for removing empty host. The new option named remove_empty_host could be configured as True to notify Unity driver to remove the host after the last LUN is detached from it.


  • NetApp ONTAP iSCSI (bug 1712651): Fix ONTAP NetApp iSCSI driver not raising a proper exception when trying to extend an attached volume beyond its max geometry.

  • NetApp ONTAP (bug 1762424): Fix ONTAP NetApp driver not being able to extend a volume to a size greater than the corresponding LUN max geometry.

  • Dell EMC Unity: Fixes bug 1775518 to make sure driver succeed to initialize even though the value of unity_io_ports and unity_storage_pool_names are empty



  • When using the RBD pool exclusively for Cinder we can now set rbd_exclusive_cinder_pool to true and Cinder will use DB information to calculate provisioned size instead of querying all volumes in the backend, which will reduce the load on the Ceph cluster and the volume service.

  • Cinder-manage DB sync command can now bump the RPC and Objects versions of the services to avoid a second restart when doing offline upgrades.

  • Dell EMC Unity Cinder driver allows enabling/disabling the SSL verification. Admin can set True or False for driver_ssl_cert_verify to enable or disable this function, alternatively set the driver_ssl_cert_path=<PATH> for customized CA path. Both above 2 options should go under the driver section.


  • If RBD stats collection is taking too long in your environment maybe even leading to the service appearing as down you'll want to use the rbd_exclusive_cinder_pool = true configuration option if you are using the pool exclusively for Cinder and maybe even if you are not and can live with the innacuracy.


  • On offline upgrades, due to the rolling upgrade mechanism we need to restart the cinder services twice to complete the installation just like in the rolling upgrades case. First you stop the cinder services, then you upgrade them, you sync your DB, then you start all the cinder services, and then you restart them all. To avoid this last restart we can now instruct the DB sync to bump the services after the migration is completed, the command to do this is cinder-manage db sync --bump-versions


  • NetApp ONTAP NFS (bug 1690954): Fix wrong usage of export path as volume name when deleting volumes and snapshots.

  • Dell EMC Unity Driver: Fixes bug 1759175 to detach the lun correctly when auto zone was enabled and the lun was the last one attached to the host.

  • Fixed bug #1731474 on NetApp Data ONTAP driver that was causing LUNs to be created with larger size than requested. This fix requires version 9.1 of ONTAP or later.

  • After an offline upgrade we had to restart all Cinder services twice, now with the cinder-manage db sync --bump-versions command we can avoid the second restart.


  • Dell EMC VNX driver: Enhances the performance of create/delete volume.



  • Add support to force detach a volume from all hosts on 3PAR.

  • Adds support to configure the size of the native thread pool used by the cinder volume and backup services. For the backup we use backup_native_threads_pool_size in the [DEFAULT] section, and for the backends we use backend_native_threads_pool_size in the driver section.


  • Dell EMC SC driver correctly returns initialize_connection data when more than one IQN is attached to a volume. This fixes some random Nova Live Migration failures where the connection information being returned was for an IQN other than the one for which it was being requested.

  • We no longer leave orphaned chunks on the backup backend or leave a temporary volume/snapshot when aborting a backup.

  • Resolve issue with cross AZ migrations and retypes where the destination volume kept the source volume's AZ, so we ended up with a volume where the AZ does not match the backend. (bug 1747949)

  • When encryption keys based on the ConfKeyManager's fixed_key are migrated to Barbican, ConfKeyManager keys stored in the Backup table are included in the migration process. Fixes bug 1757235.

  • Fixes concurrency issue on backups, where only 20 native threads could be concurrently be executed. Now default will be 60, and can be changed with backup_native_threads_pool_size.

  • RBD driver can have bottlenecks if too many slow operations are happening at the same time (for example many huge volume deletions), we can now use the backend_native_threads_pool_size option in the RBD driver section to resolve the issue.



  • Added get capability feature for HPE-3PAR.

  • Added availability_zone filter for snapshots list.

  • Added count info in volume, snapshot and backup's list APIs since 3.45.

  • Added iSCSI and Fibre Channel volume drivers for DataCore's SANsymphony and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN storage.

  • Added policies to disallow multiattach operations. This includes two policies, the first being a general policy to allow the creation or retyping of multiattach volumes is a volume create policy with the name volume:multiattach. The second policy is specifically for disallowing the ability to create multiple attachments on a volume that is marked as bootable, and is an attachment policy with the name volume:multiattach_bootable_volume. The default for these new policies is rule:admin_or_owner; be aware that if you wish to disable either of these policies for your users you will need to modify the default policy settings.

  • Add ability to call failover-host on a replication enabled SF cluster a second time with host id = default to initiate a failback to the default configured SolidFire Cluster.

  • LUKS Encrypted RBD volumes can now be created by cinder-volume. This capability was previously blocked by the rbd volume driver due to the lack of any encryptors capable of attaching to an encrypted RBD volume. These volumes can also be seeded with RAW image data from Glance through the use of QEMU 2.10 and the qemu-img convert command.

  • クラス名でバックアップドライバーを指定できるようになりました。

  • New Cinder volume driver for Inspur InStorage. The new driver supports iSCSI.

  • Cinder now supports the use of 'max_over_subscription_ratio = auto' which automatically calculates the value for max_over_subscription_ratio in the scheduler.

  • Added backend driver for VMware VStorageObject (First Class Disk).

  • The Quobyte Cinder driver now supports identifying Quobyte mounts via the mounts fstype field.

  • Added support for cloning volume asynchronously, it can be enabled by option async_clone set to true in parameter metadata when creating volume from volume or snapshot.

  • Added replication group support in HPE 3PAR cinder driver.

  • Added support for oversubscription in thin provisioning in the INFINIDAT InfiniBox driver. To use oversubscription, define max_over_subscription_ratio in the cinder configuration file.

  • Kaminario K2 iSCSI driver now supports non discovery multipathing (Nova and Cinder won't use iSCSI sendtargets) which can be enabled by setting disable_discovery to true in the configuration.

  • When Barbican is the encryption key_manager backend, any encryption keys associated with the legacy ConfKeyManager will be automatically migrated to Barbican. All database references to the ConfKeyManager's all-zeros key ID will be updated with a Barbican key ID. The encryption keys do not change. Only the encryption key ID changes.

    Key migration is initiated on service startup, and entries in the cinder-volume log will indicate the migration status. Log entries will indicate when a volume's encryption key ID has been migrated to Barbican, and a summary log message will indicate when key migration has finished.

  • NEC ボリュームドライバーで、ボリュームとスナップショットの管理/管理解除機能のサポートしました。

  • Cinder now support policy in code, which means if users don't need to modify any of the default policy rules, they do not need a policy file. Users can modify/generate a policy.yaml file which will override specific policy rules from their defaults.

  • Dell EMC PS volume driver reports the total number of volumes on the backend in volume stats.

  • Add enhanced support to the QNAP Cinder driver, including 'CHAP'、'Thin Provision'、'SSD Cache'、'Dedup' および 'Compression' を含む、サポート強化を QNAP Cinder ドライバーに追加しました。

  • QNAP Cinder ドライバーに QES fw 2.0.0 サポートを追加しました。

  • Added driver-assisted volume migration to RBD driver. This allows a volume to be efficiently copied by Ceph from one pool to another within the same cluster.

  • RBD driver supports returning a static total capacity value instead of a dynamic value like it's been doing. Configurable with report_dynamic_total_capacity configuration option.

  • Allow rbd driver to list manageable volumes.

  • QNAP Cinder ボリュームドライバーを再追加しました。

  • Added "backend_state: up/down" in response body of service list if context is admin. This feature will help operators or cloud management system to get the backend device state in every service. If device state is down, specify that storage device has got some problems. Give more information to locate bugs quickly.

  • Added revert volume to snapshot in 3par driver.

  • Add support to backup volume using snapshot in the Unity driver, which enables backing up of volumes that are in-use.

  • The multiattach capability has been enabled and verified as working with the ScaleIO driver. It is the user's responsibility to add some type of exclusion (at the file system or network file system layer) to prevent multiple writers from corrupting data on the volume.

  • The SMBFS volume driver can now be configured to use fixed vhd/x images through the 'nas_volume_prov_type' config option.

  • The SMBFS driver now supports the volume manage/unmanage feature. Images residing on preconfigured shares may be listed and managed by Cinder.

  • The SMBFS volume driver now supports reverting volumes to the latest snapshot.

  • The StorPool backend driver was added.

  • Storwize/SVC ドライバーにスナップショットバックアップのサポートを追加しました。

  • Storwize Cinder ドライバーに、 整合レプリケーショングループのサポートを追加しました。

  • Disable creating volume with non cg_snapshot group_id in Storwize/SVC driver.

  • Added hyperswap volume and group support in Storwize cinder driver. Storwize/svc versions prior to 7.6 do not support this feature.

  • Add reverting to snapshot support in Storwize Cinder driver.

  • Starting with API microversion 3.47, Cinder now supports the ability to create a volume directly from a backup. For instance, you can use the command: cinder create <size> --backup-id <backup_id> in cinderclient.

  • Add support to force detach a volume from all hosts on Unity.

  • Added support for Keystone middleware feature to pass service token along with the user token for Cinder to Nova and Glance services. This will help get rid of user token expiration issues during long running tasks e.g. creating volume snapshot (Cinder->Nova) and creating volume from image (Cinder->Glance) etc. To use this functionality a service user needs to be created first. Add the service user configurations in cinder.conf under service_user group and set send_service_user_token flag to True.

  • VMAX バックエンドに chap 認証のサポートを追加しました。

  • VMAX ドライバーでスナップショットの管理/管理解除機能をサポートしました。

  • Added asynchronous remote replication support in Dell EMC VMAX cinder driver.

  • VMAX cinder ドライバーで VMAX SRDF/Metro をサポートしました。

  • Dell EMC VMAX Cinder ドライバーに、 整合レプリケーショングループのサポートを追加しました。

  • Support for reverting a volume to a previous snapshot in VMAX cinder driver.

  • Added support for revert-to-snapshot in the VMware VMDK driver.

  • VMware VMDK driver now supports vSphere template as a volume snapshot format in vCenter server. The snapshot format in vCenter server can be specified using driver config option vmware_snapshot_format.

  • VMware VMDK driver now supports a config option vmware_lazy_create to disable the default behavior of lazy creation of raw volumes in the backend.

  • VMware VMDK driver now supports changing adpater type using retype. To change the adapter type, set vmware:adapter_type in the new volume type.

  • The volumes created by VMware VMDK driver will be displayed as "managed by OpenStack Cinder" in vCenter server.

  • Add support to force detach a volume from all hosts on VNX.

  • Logging path can now be configured for vzstorage driver in shares config file (specified by vzstorage_shares_config option). To set custom logging path add '-l', '<path_to_log_file>' to mount options array. Otherwise default logging path /var/log/vstorage/<cluster_name>/cinder.log.gz will be used.

  • VzStorage volume driver now supports choosing desired volume format by setting vendor property 'vz:volume_format' in volume type metadata. Allowed values are 'ploop', 'qcow2' and 'raw'.

  • Added new option to delete XtremIO initiator groups after the last volume was detached from them. Cleanup can be enabled by setting xtremio_clean_unused_ig to True under the backend settings in cinder.conf.


  • Kaminario K2 now supports networks with duplicated FQDNs via configuration option unique_fqdn_network so attaching in these networks will work (bug #1720147).


  • Added policies to disallow multiattach operations. This includes two policies, the first being a general policy to allow the creation or retyping of multiattach volumes is a volume create policy with the name volume:multiattach. The second policy is specifically for disallowing the ability to create multiple attachments on a volume that is marked as bootable, and is an attachment policy with the name volume:multiattach_bootable_volume. The default for these new policies is rule:admin_or_owner; be aware that if you wish to disable either of these policies for your users you will need to modify the default policy settings.

  • Operators should change backup driver configuration value to use class name to get backup service working in a 'S' release.

  • Support for NetApp ONTAP 7 (previously known as "Data ONTAP operating in 7mode") has been removed. The NetApp Unified driver can now only be used with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP and NetApp E-Series storage systems. This removal affects all three storage protocols that were supported on for ONTAP 7 - iSCSI, NFS and FC. Deployers are advised to consult the migration support provided to transition from ONTAP 7 to Clustered Data ONTAP operating system.

  • If using the NetApp ONTAP drivers (7mode/cmode), the configuration value for "max_over_subscription_ratio" may need to be increased to avoid scheduling problems where storage pools that previously were valid to schedule new volumes suddenly appear to be out of space to the Cinder scheduler. See documentation here.

  • The support for cinder.keymgr.barbican.BarbicanKeyManager and the [keymgr] config section has now been removed. All configs should now be switched to use castellan.key_manager.barbican_key_manager.BarbicanKeyManager and the [key_manager] config section.

  • The Cinder database can now only be ugpraded from changes since the Newton release. In order to upgrade from a version prior to that, you must now upgrade to at least Newton first, then to Queens or later.

  • The hosts api extension is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

  • The Glance v1 API has been deprecated and will soon be removed. Cinder support for using the v1 API was deprecated in the Pike release and is now no longer available. The glance_api_version configuration option to support version selection has now been removed.

  • The default value has been removed for the LVM specific lvm_max_over_subscription_ratio setting. This changes the behavior so that LVM backends now adhere to the common max_over_subscription_ratio setting. The LVM specific config option may still be used, but it is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • The Cisco Fibre Channel Zone Manager driver has been marked as unsupported and is now deprecated. enable_unsupported_driver will need to be set to True in the driver's section in cinder.conf to continue to use it.

  • Added automatic configuration of SAN access control for the NEC volume driver.

  • In NEC driver, the deprecated configuration parameter ldset_controller_node_name was deleted.

  • The default value for pure_replica_interval_default used by Pure Storage volume drivers has changed from 900 to 3600 seconds.

  • The following volume drivers were deprecated in the Pike release and have now been removed:

    • Block device driver

    • Blockbridge

    • Coho

    • FalconStor FSS

    • Infortrend

    • QNAP

    • Reduxio

    • Tegile

    • Violin

    • X-IO

    • ZTE

  • RBD/Ceph backends should adjust max_over_subscription_ratio to take into account that the driver is no longer reporting volume's physical usage but it's provisioned size.

  • BlockDeviceDriver was deprecated in Ocata release and marked as 'unsupported'. There is no CI for it too. If you used this driver before you have to migrate your volumes to LVM with LIO target yourself before upgrading to Queens release to get your volumes working.

  • The old deprecated keymgr options have been removed. Configuration options using the [keymgr] group will not be applied anymore. Use the [key_manager] group from Castellan instead. The Castellan backend options should also be used instead of api_class, as most of the options that lived in Cinder have migrated to Castellan.

    • Instead of api_class option cinder.keymgr.barbican.BarbicanKeyManager, use backend option barbican`

    • cinder.keymgr.conf_key_mgr.ConfKeyManager は残っていますが、fixed_key 設定オプションは [key_manager] セクションに移動する必要があります

  • Removed the deprecated options for the Nova connection:> os_privileged_user{name, password, tenant, auth_url}, nova_catalog_info, nova_catalog_admin_info, nova_endpoint_template, nova_endpoint_admin_template, nova_ca_certificates_file, nova_api_insecure. From Pike, using the [nova] section is preferred to configure compute connection for Guest Assisted Snapshost or the InstanceLocalityFilter.

  • The Hitachi HNAS, HBSD, and VSP volume drivers were marked as deprecated in the Pike release and have now been removed. Hitachi storage drivers are now only available directly from Hitachi.

  • The old deprecated hp3par* options have been removed. Use the hpe3par* instead of them.

  • The old deprecated nas_ip option has been removed. Use the nas_host instead of it.

  • The old deprecated netapp_eseries_host_type option has been removed. Use the netapp_host_type instead.

  • The old deprecated pybasedir option has been removed. Use the state_path instead.

  • The osapi_volume_base_URL config option was deprecated in Pike and has now been removed. The public_endpoint config option should be used instead.

  • The Cinder API v1 was deprecated in the Juno release and defaulted to be disabled in the Ocata release. It is now removed completely. If upgrading from a previous version, it is recommended you edit your /etc/cinder/api-paste.ini file to remove all references to v1.

  • The Windows iSCSI driver has been renamed. The updated driver location is cinder.volume.drivers.windows.iscsi.WindowsISCSIDriver.

  • When managing volume types an OpenStack provider is now given more control to grant access to for different storage type operations. The provider can now customize access to type create, delete, update, list, and show using new entries in the cinder policy file.

    As an example one provider may have roles called viewer, admin, type_viewer, and say type_admin. Admin and type_admin can create, delete, update types. Everyone can list the storage types. Admin, type_viewer, and type_admin can view the extra_specs.

    "volume_extension:types_extra_specs:create": "rule:admin or rule:type_admin", "volume_extension:types_extra_specs:delete": "rule:admin or rule:type_admin", "volume_extension:types_extra_specs:index": "", "volume_extension:types_extra_specs:show": "rule:admin or rule:type_admin or rule:type_viewer", "volume_extension:types_extra_specs:update": "rule:admin or rule:type_admin"

  • We replaced the config option in the disco volume driver "disco_choice_client" with "disco_client_protocol". We add "san_api_port" as new config option in san driver for accessing the SAN API using this port.

  • VMware VMDK driver will use vSphere template as the default snapshot format in vCenter server.


  • Backup driver initialization using module name is deprecated.

  • The Castellan library used for encryption has deprecated the api_class config option. Configuration files using this should now be updated to use the backend option instead.

  • Backup service to driver mapping is deprecated. If you use old values like 'cinder.backup.services.swift' or 'cinder.backup.services.ceph' it should be changed to 'cinder.backup.drivers.swift' or 'cinder.backup.drivers.ceph' accordingly to get your backup service working in the 'R' release.

  • The Consistency Group APIs have now been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Generic Volume Group APIs should be used instead.

  • The hosts api extension is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

  • Deprecate the "cinder-manage logs" commands. These will be removed in a later release.

  • The lvm_max_overprovision_ratio config option has been deprecated. It will be removed in a future release. Configurations should move to using the common max_overprovision_ratio config option.

  • The Cisco Firbre Channel Zone Manager driver has been marked as unsupported and is now deprecated. enable_unsupported_driver will need to be set to True in the driver's section in cinder.conf to continue to use it. If its support status does not change, they will be removed in the Queens development cycle.

  • iscsi_ip_addressiscsi_porttarget_helperiscsi_target_prefixiscsi_protocol 設定オプションは廃止予定となり、target_ip_addresstarget_porttarget_helpertarget_prefix``target_protocol``に変更されました。古い設定オプションは S リリースで削除予定です。

  • The use of xml files for vmax backend configuration is now deprecated and will be removed during the following release. Deployers are encouraged to use the cinder.conf for configuring connections to the vmax.


  • Fix the bug that Cinder can't support creating volume from Nova specific image which only includes snapshot-id metadata (Bug

  • Fix the bug that Cinder would commit quota twice in a clean environment when managing volume and snapshot resource (Bug

  • Fixed bug 1632333 with the NetApp ONTAP Driver. Now the copy offload method is invoked early to avoid downloading Glance images twice.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver operating with NFS protocol has been fixed to manage volumes correctly when nas_secure_file_operations option has been set to False.

  • Now the os-host show API will count project's resource correctly.

  • The ONTAP drivers ("7mode" and "cmode") have been fixed to not report consumed space as "provisioned_capacity_gb". They instead rely on the cinder scheduler's calculation of "provisioned_capacity_gb". This fixes the oversubscription miscalculations with the ONTAP drivers. This bugfix affects all three protocols supported by these drivers (iSCSI/FC/NFS).

  • The NetApp E-series driver has been fixed to correctly report the "provisioned_capacity_gb". Now it sums the capacity of all the volumes in the configured backend to get the correct value. This bug fix affects all the protocols supported by the driver (FC and iSCSI).

  • Added ability to purge records less than 1 day old, using the cinder-manage db_purge utility. This helps especially for those testing scenarios in which a a large number of volumes are created and deleted. (bug

  • Fix the way encryption key IDs are managed for encrypted volume backups. When creating a backup, the volume's encryption key is cloned and assigned a new key ID. The backup's cloned key ID is now stored in the backup database so that it can be deleted whenever the backup is deleted.

    When restoring the backup of an encrypted volume, the destination volume is assigned a clone of the backup's encryption key ID. This ensures every restored backup has a unique encryption key ID, even when multiple volumes have been restored from the same backup.

  • The reserve volume API was incorrectly enforcing "volume:retype" policy action. It has been corrected to "volume_extension:volume_actions:reserve".

  • Fix the following volume image metadata endpoints returning None following policy enforcement failure:

    • os-set_image_metadata

    • os-unset_image_metadata

    The endpoints will now correctly raise a 403 Forbidden instead.

  • Volume group updates of any kind had previously required the group to be in Available status. Updates to the group name or description will now work regardless of the volume group status.

  • NetApp cDOT block and file drivers have improved support for SVM scoped user accounts. Features not supported for SVM scoped users include QoS, aggregate usage reporting, and dedupe usage reporting.

  • Dell EMC PS Series Driver code was creating duplicate ACL records during live migration. Fixes the initialize_connection code to not create access record for a host if one exists previously. This change fixes bug 1726591.

  • Dell EMC PS Series Driver was creating unmanaged snapshots when extending volumes. Fixed it by adding the missing no-snap parameter. This changes fixes bug 1720454.

  • Dell EMC PS Series Driver code reporting volume stats is now optimized to return the information earlier and accelerate the process. This change fixes bug 1661154.

  • Dell EMC PS Driver stats report has been fixed, now reports the provisioned_capacity_gb properly. Fixes bug 1719659.

  • Fixes an issue where starting the Pure volume drivers with replication enabled and default values for pure_replica_interval_default would cause an error to be raised from the backend.

  • RBD stats report has been fixed, now properly reports allocated_capacity_gb and provisioned_capacity_gb with the sum of the sizes of the volumes (not physical sizes) for volumes created by Cinder and all available in the pool respectively. Free capacity will now properly handle quota size restrictions of the pool.

  • Quota validations are now forced for all APIs. skip_validation flag is now removed from the request body for the quota-set update API.

  • Multiple backends may now be enabled within the same Cinder Volume service on Windows by using the enabled_backends config option.


  • Default policy.json file is now removed as Cinder now uses default policies. A policy file is only needed if overriding one of the defaults.