Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Fujitsu ETERNUS DX driver: Added support to extend a volume on RAID Group using CLI.

    Revised the ‘Extend Volume’ process on the RAID Group to improve processing speed as follows:

    • When extending a volume created on ThinProvisionPool, the process will still use SMI-S for volume extension.

    • When extending a volume created on RaidGroup, the process has been updated to use CLI for volume extension.

  • Dell PowerMax driver: Enabled support for Active/Active to both FC and iSCSI driver. This allows users to configure Dell PowerMax backends in clustered environments.

Upgrade Notes

  • Infinidat driver: support has been removed for pre-v3.0 InfiniBox systems. These versions are end of life and have not been supported for a long time.

  • Cinder now uses the RBD trash functionality to handle some volume deletions. Therefore, deployments must either a) enable scheduled RBD trash purging on the RBD backend or b) enable the Cinder RBD driver’s enable_deferred_deletion option to have Cinder purge the RBD trash. This adds the new configuration option ‘rbd_concurrent_flatten_operations’, which limits how many RBD flattens the driver will run simultaneously. This can be used to prevent flatten operations from consuming too much I/O capacity on the Ceph cluster. It defaults to 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #2008017: Hide value of the [coordination] backend_url option from logs because it can contain credential.

  • Bug #2016138: Handle missing volumes during cleanup of incomplete backups.

  • Infinidat driver bug #2017815: Fixed Infinidat driver to inherit compression setting by default for all newly created volumes. Admin can set True or False for the infinidat_use_compression option in the driver section of cinder.conf to explicitly enable or disable compression setting for all newly created volumes. Or leave this option unset (commented out) for all created volumes to inherit their compression setting from their parent pool at creation time. The default value is unset.

  • Dell PowerMax driver ‘bug #2051828 <>`_: The driver only recognized 10.0 as being Unisphere 10 and would try to use 9.2 for Unisphere 10.x (where x > 0), but now it correctly recognizes 10.x as being Unisphere 10.

  • Bug #2045431: Fixed a data leak scenario where we preserve sparseness when reimaging the volume.

    We currently do a sparse copy when writing an image on the volume. This could be a potential data leak scenario where the zero blocks of the new image are not written on the existing volume and the data from the old image still exists on the volume. We fix the scenario by not doing sparse copy when reimaging the volume.

  • Bug #2036994: Fixed rollback of volume status if the reimage operation fails while checking image metadata.

  • Bug #1948962: Fixed operations that failed on volume types with 255 characters names (e.g. set quota limits or volume migrate).

  • Hitachi driver bug #2024418: Fixed to raise correct exception when volume is busy while performing delete volume operation.

  • HPE XP and NEC V driver bug #2012515: Fixed to use correct Host group name.

  • Hitachi driver bug #2011810: Fixed to use correct pool number for secondary storage on GAD environment.

  • HPE 3PAR driver Bug #2045411: Added support for ipv6 address in the 3PAR iSCSI driver.

  • HPE 3PAR driver Bug #2026718: Fixed: With this patch, added logic to fetch correct volume name on 3par (osv_name), rcg_name and vvset_name (for particular scenarios); so that volumes can be identified and deleted from 3par.

  • Bug #1988942: Increased size of volume image metadata values accepted by the Block Storage API. Volume image metadata values were limited to 255 characters but Glance allows up to 65535 bytes. This change does not affect the database tables which already allow up to 65535 bytes for image metadata values.

  • Dell EMC PowerMax driver bug #1980870: Fixed potential deadlock when moving volumes between Storage Groups.

  • Pure iSCSI & FC driver bug #2006960: Fixed attaching LUNs greater than 255. Driver leverages new os-brick functionality to specify LUN addressing mode.

  • Pure Storage Cinder Driver: Fixed bug 2029005 to correctly disconnect a sync replicated volume from host on the secondary array when uniform option is set to True.

  • Bug #1952420: Fixed quota warnings about backups and backup_gigabytes when creating backups.

  • Bug #1969643: The RBD driver can now delete volumes with other volumes cloned from it (or its snapshots) in cases where deletion would previously fail. This uses the RBD trash functionality.

Other Notes

  • Nimble driver: Enable thin provisioning as default method while creating volumes.

  • [Pure Storage] user_agent string changed from reporting kernel version to operating system distro and version.