Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The cinder-manage command now includes a new quota category with two possible actions check and sync to help administrators manage out of sync quotas on long running deployments.

  • Pure Storage FlashArray driver: added configuration option pure_iscsi_cidr_list for setting several network CIDRs for iSCSI target connection. Both IPv4 and IPv6 is supported. The default still allows all IPv4 targets.

  • Log a warning from the volume service when a volume driver’s get_volume_stats() call takes a long time to return. This can help deployers troubleshoot a cinder-volume service misbehaving due to a driver/backend performance issue.

Upgrade Notes

  • Support for the cinder.database.migration_backend entrypoint, which provided for configurable database migration backends, has been removed. This was never exercised and was a source of unnecessary complexity.

Bug Fixes

  • PowerFlex driver bug #1897598: Fixed bug with PowerFlex storage-assisted volume migration when volume migration was performed without conversion of volume type in cases where it should have been converted to/from thin/thick provisioned.

  • Nimble driver bug #1918229: Corrected an issue where the Nimble storage driver was inaccurately determining that there was no free space left in the storage array. The driver now relies on the storage array to report the amount of free space.

  • PowerStore driver Bug #1920729: Fix iSCSI targets not being returned from the REST API call if targets are used for multiple purposes (iSCSI target, Replication target, etc.).

  • Bug #1913054: Fix for creating a clone of an encrypted volume for drivers that require additional information to attach.

  • Bug #1917574: Fixed issue when cinderclient requests to show volume by name for non-admin users would result in the volume not being found for microversions 3.31 or later.

  • LVM driver bug #1901783: Fix unexpected delete volume failure due to unexpected exit code 139 on lvs command call.

  • PowerMax driver: Fix to suspend the storage group you are about to delete and then add a force flag to delete the volume pairs within the storage group.

  • Pure Storage FlashArray driver bug 1910143: Parameter pure_iscsi_cidr is now IPv4/v6 agnostic.

  • Bug #1877164: Fix retyping volume with snapshots leaves the snapshots with the old type, making the quotas wrong inmediately for snapshots, and breaking them even more after those snapshots are deleted.

  • Bug #1919161: Fix automatic quota refresh to correctly account for temporary volumes. During some cinder operations, such as create a backup from a snapshot, temporary volumes are created and are not counted towards quota usage, but the sync mechanism was counting them, thus incorrectly updating volume usage.

  • Bug #1697906: Fix until_refresh configuration changes not taking effect in a timely fashion or at all.

  • Bug #1484343: Fix creation of duplicated quota usage entries in DB.