Current Series Release Notes

Upgrade Notes

  • Infinidat driver: support has been removed for pre-v3.0 InfiniBox systems. These versions are end of life and have not been supported for a long time.

Bug Fixes

  • Infinidat driver bug #2017815: Fixed Infinidat driver to inherit compression setting by default for all newly created volumes. Admin can set True or False for the infinidat_use_compression option in the driver section of cinder.conf to explicitly enable or disable compression setting for all newly created volumes. Or leave this option unset (commented out) for all created volumes to inherit their compression setting from their parent pool at creation time. The default value is unset.

  • Pure iSCSI & FC driver bug #2006960: Fixed attaching LUNs greater than 255. Driver leverages new os-brick functionality to specify LUN addressing mode.

  • Pure Storage Cinder Driver: Fixed bug 2029005 to correctly disconnect a sync replicated volume from host on the secondary array when uniform option is set to True.

Other Notes

  • Nimble driver: Enable thin provisioning as default method while creating volumes.