Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Enhance volume extend functionality in cinderlib by supporting the refresh of the host’s view of an attached volume that has been extended in the backend to reflect the new size. A call to volume.extend will automatically extend the view if the volume is locally attached and connection.extend will do the same when run on a non controller host.

  • Fake unused packages: Many packages that are automatically imported when loading cinder modules are only used for normal Cinder operation and are not necessary for cinderlib’s execution. For example when loading a Cinder module to get configuration options but without executing the code present in the module.

    We now fake these unnecessary packages, providing faster load times, reduced footprint, and the possibility for distributions to create a cinderlib package or containers with up to 40% fewer dependencies.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1821898: Improve compatibility with Cinder drivers that access the DB directly. This allows cinderlib to support IBM SVC.

  • Bug #1819706: Support setting attach_mode on attach and connect calls.

  • Bug #1849339: Cloning doesn’t store the source volume id.

  • Bug #1849828: In-use volume clone status is in-use instead of available.

  • Bug #1852629: Extending an LVM raised an exception, even though the volume was extended. For in-use volumes the node that had the volume attached wouldn’t see the new size.

  • Bug #1836724: Fix create snapshot from a volume with volume type.

  • Bug #1854188: Work with complex configuration options like ListOpt, DictOpt, and MultiOpt with dict items.