Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • An “Admin/Rating Summary” tab has been added. An admin user can now have the cost of every rated tenant at once. By clicking on a tenant, a per-resource total for the given tenant can be obtained (this view is similar to the “Project/Rating” tab). A per-resource total for the whole cloud is also available.

  • The predictive pricing has been updated. It is now possible to specify the HashMap service to use for predictive pricing in Horizon’s configuration file through the CLOUDKITTY_QUOTATION_SERVICE option.

Upgrade Notes

  • The “Project/Rating” tab has been improved: it does now provide a total by metric type. This make use of the /summary endpoint instead of /total (/total is deprecated).

  • The “reporting” tab has been reworked and the dashboard does not require D3pie anymore. The colors between the charts are now consistent and a colour legend has been added.