Ocata Series Release Notes



Bug Fixes



New Features

  • Added Aodh datasource driver to poll alarms data from aodh service

  • Builtins like plus, times, lt now have the namespace ‘builtin’. For example, instead of writing ‘plus(x,y,z)’ you now write ‘builtin:plus(x,y,z)’

  • Congress now supports multi-node deployment where different components (policy engine, API server, and datasource drivers) may be deployed in separate processes on separate hosts. See deployment documentation for more information.

Known Issues

  • Ceilometer driver experiences error when retrieving the list of alarms. The impact is that the some ceilometer data may not be updated in Congress. We are currently working with the ceilometer team to find a resolution. Expect a resolution in the next minor release.

  • The specialized policy engine for VM placement (previously released as experimental) is not available in this release. Expect it to be available again in a future release.

Upgrade Notes

  • Policies using the bare version of builtins, such as ‘plus(x,y,z)’ should be modified to include the ‘builtin’ namespace, such as ‘builtin:plus(x,y,z)’.

  • Added a new database table policiesdeleted to hold soft-deleted policies. table:policies column:name type changed from Text() to String(255) to support uniqueness constraint. Necessary migration scripts are included in congress/db/migration/. Migration aborts without effect if any existing policy name is longer than 255.

Deprecation Notes

  • Ceilometer driver alarms table is now deprecated. Instead, the alarms table in Aodh driver should be used.

  • Builtins without the ‘builtin’ namespace are now deprecated. They will be supported in the near term, but all policies should be modified to include the ‘builtin:’ prefix on all builtins. For example, use ‘builtin:plus(x,y,z)’ instead of ‘plus(x,y,z)’.

Bug Fixes

  • Ceilometer driver alarms issue resolved. When Aodh is available, alarms work as expected. When Aodh is unavailable, empty alarms list is reported.