Ussuri Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Intel OPAE driver dependency is removed from the devstack installation dependencies due to the following reasons: 1) In the kolla cyborg-agent image we install OPAE, but OPAE is not available for CentOS 8 for the moment. This will make the cyborg-agent image unbuildable in Ussuri. 2) In devstack, due to the fact that OPAE packages depend on libjson0, which is not available after Ubuntu 16.04, so cyborg can’t be installed on Ubuntu higher than 16.04 now(unless disable dependency manually). Moreover,from cyborg’s perspective, it does not need to contain any hardware driver dependency, we can assume the admin should know about it and install the correct version.


New Features

  • Add description as a column of the device_profiles table in the device profile to allow end users to set some descriptions for the device profile when creating a device profile.

  • Cyborg now supports microversion in order to allow changes to the API while preserving backward compatibility. User requests must include an HTTP header OpenStack-API-Version: accelerator 2.0 which is a monotonically increasing semantic version number starting from 2.0. If that header is absent, the request defaults to the default microverison 2.0.

Security Issues

  • Introduce bandit check as the code security check, which can help us avoid possible security issues. For example, shell-related operations for drivers may be insecure. With bandit test, it can check the potential security issues.

Other Notes

  • Drop support for python2 as per this message