Current Series Release Notes

Deprecation Notes

  • This release removes endpoints and config options related to glance-registry. Including but not limited to config option ‘data-api’ which has no production supported options left. SimpleDB has not been supported since moving DB migrations to alembic and registry is removed. All registry specific options and config files have been removed. ‘glance-registry’ command has been removed.

  • The deprecated ‘enable_v2_api’ config option has been removed.

  • The Image checksum property contains an MD5 hash of the image data associated with an image. MD5 has not been considered secure for some time, and in order to comply with various security standards (for example, FIPS), an implementation of the MD5 algorithm may not be available on Glance nodes.

    The secure “multihash” image properties, os_hash_algo and os_hash_value have been available on images since glance version 17.0.0 (Rocky). Until this point, the MD5 checksum property has been populated solely for backward compatibility. It is not, however, necessary for validating downloaded image data.

    Thus, we are announcing the DEPRECATION in this release of the image checksum property. It will remain as an image property, but beginning with the Victoria release, the checksum will not be populated on new images.

    Users should instead rely on the secure “multihash” to validate image downloads. The python-glanceclient, for example, has been using multihash validation (with an optional MD5 fallback) since version 2.13.0 (Rocky).

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1881958: read-only http store should not be used if –all-stores specified for import/copy image workflow

    • Bug 1885725: ‘copy-image’ import job should not run additional plugins