Yoga Series Release Notes


새로운 기능

  • When the Glance image cache is being used, the CURRENT version of the Image service API, as indicated in the GET /versions response, is 2.16.

업그레이드 노트

  • The Image service API call PUT /v2/cache/{image_id} now returns a 202 (Accepted) response code to indicate success. In glance 24.0.0 (the initial Yoga release), it had mistakenly returned a 200.

버그 수정

  • Bug #1972666:

    Added cli_opts and cache_opts to support configgen to pick all groups from

  • Bug 1971521: Fixed the success response code of the REST API call PUT /v2/cache/{image_id} to be 202 (Accepted), following the original design of the feature.



The Yoga release includes some important milestones in Glance development priorities.

  • Added support to get quota usage information.

  • Added new APIs for cache related operations.

  • Added support to append new metadef tags rather than overwriting the existing tags.

  • Added support to fetch additional information about RBD store.

새로운 기능

  • This release brings additional functionality to the unified quota work done in the previous release. A usage API is now available, which provides a way for users to see their current quota limits and their active resource usage towards them. For more information, see the discovery section in the api-ref.

  • This release brings additional functionality to the stores API. The stores detail API helps in providing the store specific information.

  • This release introduces new APIs for cache related operations. This new version of the cache API will help administrators to cache images on dedicated glance nodes as well. For more information, see the Cache Manage section in the api-ref-guide.

  • A new optional header X-Openstack-Append has been added to append the new metadef tags to the existing tags. If the header is present it will append the new tags to the existing one, if not then it will default to the old behaviour i.e. overwriting the existing tags with the new one.

버그 수정

  • Bug 1939169: glance md-tag-create-multiple overwrites existing tags

  • Bug 1953063: Image import causes SQL type casting error on PostgreSQL