Current Series Release Notes

Upgrade Notes

  • The database migration engine used by Glance for database upgrades was changed from SQLAlchemy Migrate to Alembic in the 14.0.0 (Ocata) release. Support for SQLAlchemy Migrate has now been removed. This means in order to upgrade from a pre-Ocata release to Xena or later, you must upgrade to Wallaby or earlier first.

New Features

  • Glance now has per-tenant quota support based on Keystone unified limits for resources like image and staging storage, among other things. For more information about how to configure and use these quotas, refer to the relevant section of the Administrator Guide.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1916052: Unable to create trust errors in glance-api

  • Bug 1934673: Policy deprecations falsely claims defaulting to role based policies

  • Bug 1922928: Image tasks API excludes in-progress tasks