Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new configuration option rbd_thin_provisioning and filesystem_thin_provisioning to rbd and filesystem store to enable or not sparse upload, default are False.

    A sparse file means that we do not actually write null byte sequences but only the data itself at a given offset, the “holes” which can appear will automatically be interpreted by the storage backend as null bytes, and do not really consume your storage.

    Enabling this feature will also speed up image upload and save network traffic in addition to save space in the backend, as null bytes sequences are not sent over the network.

  • Added support for cinder multiple stores. Operators can now configure multiple cinder stores by configuring a unique cinder_volume_type for each cinder store.

Upgrade Notes

  • Legacy images will be moved to specific stores as per their current volume’s type and the location URL will be updated respectively.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1884482: Blocked creation of images on encrypted nfs volumes when glance store is cinder.


Bug Fixes

    • Bug 1875281: API returns 503 if one of the store is mis-configured

    • Bug 1870289: Add lock per share for cinder nfs mount/umount