Pike Series Release Notes


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Support has been added for starting, stopping, and accessing the console associated with a node.

  • The action dropdown menu in the node-details panel has a new item Enable|Disable console.

  • The node-details/overview panel has a new Console info item in the General section. The value of this field is dependent on the console type.

    For shellinabox, the value is an anchor with the URL required to access the web console and title shellinabox. For others, the value is a string representation of the console_info object returned by the get_console api call.

  • The Node Details/Configuration tab now shows the node’s boot device.

  • Adds the ability to view and edit the node’s resource_class field on the node-details/configuration page.

  • Adds support for a user to be able to edit the resource_class field when enrolling/updating a node.

  • Adds support for editing portgroups from the node-details/configuration page. Each entry in the portgroups table has an associated Edit portgroup button that when clicked will launch a modal dialog that guides the user in making changes.

  • A backend mock has been added that enables better unit testing of the ironic-ui application by mocking the ironic API service. The mock utilizes angular $httpbackend handlers to intercept requests targeted at the ironic-ui server-side REST endpoints, and returns simulated responses.

    A number of unit tests have been developed that illustrate the use of the backend mock functionality.

    Although the backend mock is a work in progress, enough functionality already exists to support test development for the current set of in-progress features.

  • Adds support for viewing and managing the portgroups associated with an ironic node.

    A portgroup table has been added to the node-details/configuration tab.

    Each row in the table displays a single portgroup, and has column entries for its UUID, MAC address, name, and number of ports. A dropdown menu is also provided that contains actions that can be applied to the portgroup.

    Detailed information for a portgroup is obtained by clicking the detail-toggle-selector (right-chevron) located in its table row. The additional information is displayed in a row expansion.

  • The port table in node-details/configuration tab has been modified as follows:

    • A column has been added that displays the UUID of the portgroup to which the port belongs.

    • The Properties column has been replaced with a column that displays only the boolean value of the pxe_enabled property.

    • Additional properties are displayed by clicking the detail-toggle-selector for that port in a similar manner to the portgroup table.