Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds a new hardware type, idrac, for Dell EMC integrated Dell Remote Access Controllers (iDRAC). idrac hardware type supports PXE-based provisioning using an iDRAC. It supports the following driver interfaces:
    • boot: pxe
    • console: no-console
    • deploy: iscsi and direct
    • inspect: idrac, inspector, and no-inspect
    • management: idrac
    • network: flat, neutron, and noop
    • power: idrac
    • raid: idrac and no-raid
    • storage: noop and cinder
    • vendor: idrac
  • Options for service endpoint discovery can now be set per-service in appropriate service configuration file sections:
    • [service_catalog] for baremetal API discovery
  • Adds support for the following Boolean capabilities keys to ilo inspect interface:
    • sriov_enabled
    • has_ssd
    • has_rotational
    • rotational_drive_4800_rpm
    • rotational_drive_5400_rpm
    • rotational_drive_7200_rpm
    • rotational_drive_10000_rpm
    • rotational_drive_15000_rpm
    • logical_raid_level_0
    • logical_raid_level_1
    • logical_raid_level_2
    • logical_raid_level_10
    • logical_raid_level_5
    • logical_raid_level_6
    • logical_raid_level_50
    • logical_raid_level_60
    • cpu_vt
    • hardware_supports_raid
    • has_nvme_ssd
    • nvdimm_n
    • logical_nvdimm_n
    • persistent_memory
  • Adds SNMP request timeout and retries settings for the SNMP UDP transport. Some SNMP devices take longer than others to respond. The new Ironic configuration settings [snmp]/udp_transport_retries and [snmp]/udp_transport_timeout allow to change the number of retries and the timeout values respectively for the the SNMP driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • Updates required proliantutils version for iLO drivers to 2.4.0. This version of the library comes with quite a few features:
    • Adds support for Gen10 servers using Redfish protocol.
    • Provides support for one-pass disk erase using HPE SSA CLI through Proliant hardware manager in IPA.
    • local_gb defaults to 0 (zero) when no disk could be discovered during inspection.
  • Adds the hpOneView and ilorest library requirement to the OneView Driver, in order to prepare for the eventual removal of dependency on python-oneviewclient library.
  • To facilitate automatic discovery of services from the keystone catalog, the configuration file sections for service clients may include these configuration options: service_type, service_name, valid_interfaces, region_name and other keystoneauth Adaper-related options.

    These options together must uniquely specify an endpoint for a service registered in the keystone catalog. Consult the keystoneauth library documentation for full list of available options, their meaning and possible values.

    Default values for service_type are set by ironic to sane defaults based on required services and their entries in service-types-authority.

    The valid_interfaces option defaults to ['internal', 'public'].

    The region_name option defaults to None and must be explicitly set for multi-regional setup for endpoint discovery to succeed.

    The configuration file sections where these new options are available are:

    • service_catalog

Deprecation Notes

  • Configuration option [conductor]api_url is deprecated and will be ignored in the Rocky release. Instead, use [service_catalog]endpoint_override configuration option to set specific ironic API address if automatic discovery of ironic API endpoint from keystone catalog is not desired. This new option defaults to None and must be set explicitly if needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue when running ironic-dbsync online_data_migrations. The value of an object’s new version column might have been incorrectly changed from a newer object version to an older object version, due to a race condition. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixes an issue that caused a node using a Dell EMC integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) classic driver, pxe_drac or pxe_drac_inspector, to be placed in the clean failed state after a double manage/provide cycle, instead of the available state. For more information, see bug 1676387.
  • Fixes an issue in boot from volume for iscsi deploy interface. Booting from a volume would fail for a node with the iscsi deploy interface because the pxelinux.cfg file for the MAC address wasn’t created and the node would fail to boot. The pxelinux.cfg file is now created. See bug 1714436 for details.
  • Fixes an issue in boot from volume for a node with the iscsi deploy interface. It would fail if no image_source was provided in the node’s instance_info field because it would try to validate the image_source which didn’t exist. There is no need to specify the image_source and the validation is no longer being attempted. See bug 1714147 for details.
  • Fixes get_boot_device method from oneview drivers’ management interface. Now the method returns the persistent boot option correctly, based on the iLO information of the node.
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