Current Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • The following driver_info parameters have been renamed with deprecation:

    • ilo_deploy_kernel -> deploy_kernel

    • ilo_deploy_ramdisk -> deploy_ramdisk

    • ilo_deploy_iso -> deploy_iso

    • ilo_rescue_kernel -> rescue_kernel

    • ilo_rescue_ramdisk -> rescue_ramdisk

    • ilo_rescue_iso -> rescue_iso

    • ilo_bootloader -> bootloader

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes handling of single-value (non-key-value) parameters in the [inspector]extra_kernel_params configuration options.


New Features

  • Adding new clean steps to ilo and ilo5 hardware type - security_parameters_update, update_minimum_password_length, and update_auth_failure_logging_threshold which allows users to modify ilo system security settings.

  • Provides the registry fields in the BIOS setting API and in the BIOS setting list when detail is requested. Also adds fields selector to query API. See story 2008571.

  • Adds a new deploy verb as an alias to active and undeploy verb as an alias to deleted. See story 2007551.

  • Adds a new deploy interface custom-agent that can be used when all necessary deploy steps to provision an image are provided in the agent ramdisk. The default write_image deploy step is not present.

  • Get the BIOS Registry from Sushy and store the fields in the Ironic DB with the BIOS setting. See story 2008571.

  • The irmc-virtual-media boot interface now supports setting kernel parameters via the kernel_append_params option in both the node’s driver_info and instance_info. This only applies when an image is built from a kernel and an initramfs, not when a pre-built ISO is used.

  • Adds support for setting kernel parameters for PXE and iPXE boot through the new kernel_append_params setting in the node’s driver_info or instance_info.

  • The redfish-virtual-media, ilo-virtual-media and idrac-redfish-virtual-media boot interfaces now support kernel_append_params not only in the node’s instance_info, but also driver_info. This only applies when the boot image is built from a kernel and an initramfs, not when a pre-built ISO is used.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated iscsi deploy interface has been removed. Please update to a different deploy interface before upgrading.

  • The ironic-dbsync upgrade command for this version of ironic will add additional database indexes on the nodes table columns below. Depending on database size and complexity, this will take time to complete for every single index to be created. On MySQL or MariaDB, these indexes will only be created if an index does not already exist matching the field name with “_idx” appended.:

    • owner

    • lessee

    • driver

    • provision_state

    • reservation

    • conductor_group

    • resource_class

    An example of the SQL commands to generate these indexes can be found in the tuning documentation.

    In testing with mock data, each column took approximately about 4 seconds per column to be indexed on a database with 115,000 rows. The existing database size and underlying server load will cause this time to vary. Sample queries also reduced result generation from an average of 0.40 seconds to an average of 0.02 seconds with a test data set.

  • Removes support for deploy interfaces that do not use deploy steps and rely on the monolithic deploy call instead.

  • Removes support for ironic-python-agent Victoria or older.

Deprecation Notes

  • Using [pxe]kernel_append_params for the iRMC boot interface is now deprecated, please use [irmc]kernel_append_params.

  • The configuration option [pxe]pxe_append_params has been renamed to [pxe]kernel_append_params. The old name is now deprecated.

  • The ilo-virtual-media boot interface has previously declared support for the ilo_kernel_append_params option in driver_info. It has never been implemented in reality and has been replaced by the new kernel_append_params.

  • The node’s driver_info parameters redfish_deploy_iso and redfish_rescue_iso have been renamed to deploy_iso and rescue_iso accordingly. The old names are deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • If the agent accepts a command, but is unable to reply to Ironic (which sporadically happens before of the eventlet’s TLS implementation), we currently retry the request and fail because the command is already executing. Ironic now detects this situation by checking the list of executing commands after receiving a connection error. If the requested command is the last one, we assume that the command request succeeded.

  • Adds bios_interface to the node list and node show api-ref.

  • Adds bios_interface to the node validate api-ref.

  • When local boot is used (e.g., by default), the instance image validation now happens only in the deploy interface, not in the boot interface (as before). Meaning that the boot interface validation will now pass in many cases where it would previously fail.

  • Fixes the idrac-wsman BIOS factory_reset clean and deploy step to indicate success and update the cached BIOS settings to their defaults only when the BIOS settings have actually been reset. See story 2008058 for more details.

  • Removes temporary cleaning information on starting or restarting cleaning.

  • Improves lower-level performance issues with database activity where some often queried columns were not indexed when the database model was created, or as the model evolved. Operators seeking to pre-create these indexes may do so prior to upgrading. Please consult the tuning documentation in the Administrator’s guide for the queries to leverage.

  • No longer masks configdrive when sending the node’s record to in-band deploy steps.

  • Removes unnecessary delay before the start of the cleaning process when fast-track is used.

  • Correctly processes in-band deploy steps on fast-track deployment.

  • Correctly wipes agent token on inspection start and abort.

  • The behavior when a bootable iso ramdisk is provided behind an http server is to download and serve the image from the conductor; the image is removed only when the node is undeployed. In certain cases, for example on large deployments, this could cause undesired behaviors, like the conductor nodes running out of disk storage. To avoid this event we provide an option [deploy]ramdisk_image_download_source to be able to tell the ramdisk interface to directly use the bootable iso url from its original source instead of downloading it and serving it from the conductor node. The default behavior is unchanged.

  • Fixes providing agent tokens with pre-built ISO images and the redfish-virtual-media boot interface.

  • Fixes sub-optimal Ironic API performance where Secure RBAC related field level policy checks were executing without first checking if there were field results. This helps improve API performance when only specific columns have been requested by the API consumer.

Other Notes

  • Configuration drives are now stored in their JSON representation and only rendered when needed. This allows deploy steps to access the original JSON representation rather than only the rendered ISO image.

  • A new class ironic.drivers.modules.agent.CustomAgentDeploy can be used as a base class for deploy interfaces based on ironic-python-agent.