Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds support for rescue interface agent for ilo hardware type when corresponding boot interface being used is ilo-virtual-media. The supported values of rescue interface for ilo hardware type are agent and no-rescue. The default value is no-rescue.

Upgrade Notes

  • Extends the instance_info column in the nodes table for MySQL/MariaDB from up to 64KiB to up to 4GiB (type is changed from TEXT to LONGTEXT). This upgrade will not be executed on PostgreSQL as its TEXT is unlimited.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1749755 causing timeouts to not work properly because an unsupported sqalchemy filter was being used.
  • The config drive passed to the node can now contain more than 64KiB in case of MySQL/MariaDB. For more details see bug 1596421.
  • Fixes a bug to get a node stuck in deploying state when the size of the configdrive exceeds the limitation of the database. In MySQL, the limitation is about 64KiB. With this fix, the provision state gets deploy failed in this case. See bug 1745630 for details.
  • Fixes a bug preventing a node from booting into the user instance after unrescuing if instance netboot is used. See bug 1749433 for details.
  • When a conductor managing a node dies mid-cleaning the node would get stuck in the CLEANING state. Now upon conductor startup nodes in the CLEANING state will be moved to the CLEANFAIL state.
  • Adds missed noop implementations (e.g. no-inspect) to the fake-hardware hardware type. This fixes enabling this hardware type without enabling all (even optional) fake interfaces.
  • No longer tries to collect or report sensors data for nodes in maintenance mode. See bug 1652741.
  • Fixes rare race condition which resulted in the port list API returning HTTP 400 (bad request) if some nodes were being removed in parallel. See bug 1748893 for details.

Other Notes

  • Adds new method validate_rescue() to boot interface to validate node’s properties related to rescue operation. This method is called by the validate() method of rescue interface.
  • Removes the software metric named validate_boot_option_for_trusted_boot. This was the timing for a short-lived, internal function that is already included in the PXEBoot.validate metric.
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