Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds a [conductor]send_sensor_data_for_undeployed_nodes option to enable ironic to collect and transmit sensor data for all nodes for which sensor data collection is available. By default, this option is not enabled which aligns with the prior behavior of sensor data collection and transmission where such data was only collected if an instance_uuid was present to signify that the node has been or is being deployed. With this change set to True, operators may be able to identify hardware in a faulty state through the sensor data and take action before an instance workload is deployed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue that can occur in CI and in physical deployments where the Networking Service performs a pre-flight operation which can exceed the prior default for 30 seconds. The new default is 45 seconds, and operators can tune the setting via the [neutron]request_timeout setting.

  • Fixes an issue regarding the ansible deployment interface cleaning workflow. Handling the error in the driver and returning nothing caused the manager to consider the step done and go to the next one instead of interrupting the cleaning workflow.

  • Fixes an issue with the ansible deployment interface where raw images could not be streamed correctly to the host.

  • Fixes deployment with the ansible deploy interface and instance images with GPT partition table.

  • Fixes an issue where the sensor data parsing method for the ipmitool interface lacked the ability to handle the automatically included ipmitool debugging information when the debug option is set to True in the ironic.conf file. As such, extra debugging information supplied by the underlying ipmitool command is disregarded. More information can be found in story 2005331.

  • Fixes an issue where deploy fails during node preparation if the node capabilities are passed as string.

  • Fixes an issue when the image source is a local file, the image will be truncated to 2G and fails deployment due to image corruption.

  • Fixes an issue where nodes in the process of deployment may have metrics data collected and transmitted during the deployment process which may erroneously generate alarms depending on the operator’s monitoring configuration. This was due to a database filter relying upon the indicator of an instance_uuid as opposed to the state of a node.

  • No longer tries to create a temporary URL with zero lifetime if the deploy_callback_timeout option is set to zero. The default of 1800 seconds is used in that case. Use the new configdrive_swift_temp_url_duration option to override.

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