Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • When using per-node kernel parameters, i.e. kernel_append_params in the node’s instance_info or driver_info, it is now possible to insert the value of the driver’s configuration option (e.g. [pxe]kernel_append_params via the special %default% syntax, e.g.:

    baremetal node set node-0 \
      --driver-info kernel_append_params="%default% foo=bar"

Bug Fixes

  • The combined ironic executable now starts the API only after the built-in conductor starts. This avoids error 500 on requests while the conductor is starting.

  • Fixes an issue where a conductor would attempt local takeover. In case of heartbeat failure due to resource starvation, the current conductor was detected as offline when querying the database. In this scenario the conductor would forcibly remove reservations of it’s own and initiate takeover. Current conductor is now excluded from the list of offline conductors, so that local takeover does not occur for this case. A warning is logged to highlight the potential resource starvation issue. See bug: 2010016.

  • Fix a bug when configuring RAID caused by not converting the port value to int type when the node managed by the irmc hardware type.