Ocata Series (1.x.y - 2.x.y) Release Notes

Kayobe 2.0.0

Kayobe 2.0.0 was released on 15th September 2017.


  • Adds support for configuration of networks for out-of-band management for the overcloud and control plane hosts via the oob_oc_net_name and oob_wl_net_name variables respectively.

  • Adds support for configuration of a seed hypervisor host. This host runs the seed VM. Currently, configuration of host networking, NTP, and libvirt storage pools and networks is supported.

  • Adds a base_path variable to simplify configuration of paths. This is used to set the default value of image_cache_path and source_checkout_path. The default value of the base path may be set by the $KAYOBE_BASE_PATH environment variable.

  • Adds a virtualenv_path variable to configure the path on which to create virtual environments.

  • Uses the CentOS 7 cloud image for the seed VM by default.

  • Adds a command to deprovision the seed VM, kayobe seed vm deprovision.

  • Adds support for configuration of Juniper switches.

  • Adds support for bonded (LAG) host network interfaces.

  • Adds support for the overlay docker storage driver on the seed and overcloud hosts.

  • Improves the Vagrant development environment, and provides configuration for a single controller with a single network.

  • Adds support for building customised Ironic Python Agent (IPA) deployment images using Diskimage Builder (DIB). These can be built using the commands kayobe seed deployment image build and kayobe overcloud deployment image build.

  • Adds a command to save overcloud introspection data, kayobe overcloud introspection data save.

  • Separates the external network into external and public networks. The public network carries public API traffic, and is configured via public_net_name.

  • Adds a network group, with networking and load balancing services moved to it. The group is a subgroup of the controllers group by default.

  • Decomposes the overcloud inventory into top level, components, and services. This allows a deployer to customise their inventory at various levels, by providing a custom inventory template for one or more sections of the inventory.

  • Adds support for configuration of sysctl parameters on the seed, seed hypervisor and overcloud hosts.

  • Adds an inspection-store container for storage of workload hardware inspection data in environments without Swift.

  • Adds configuration of gatewys in provisioning and inspection networks.

  • Adds support for free-form configuration of Glance.

  • Adds support for Ubuntu Ansible control hosts.

  • Adds support for passing through host variables from kayobe to kolla-ansible. By default ansible_host, ansible_port, and ansible_ssh_private_key_file.

Upgrade Notes

  • It is no longer necessary to set the seed_vm_interfaces variable, as the seed VM’s network interfaces are now determined by the standard seed_network_interfaces variable.

  • If using a CentOS 7 cloud image for the seed VM, it is no longer necessary to set the seed_vm_root_image variable.

  • The default value of kolla_enable_haproxy has been changed to True.

  • If using a custom inventory, a network group should be added to it. If the Ansible control hosts are providing networking services, then the network group should be a subgroup of the controllers group.

  • The overcloud_groups variable is now determined more intelligently, and it is generally no longer necessary to set it manually.

  • The provisioning network is now used to access the TFTP server during workload hardware inspection.

  • A default gateway may be advertised to compute nodes during workload inspection, allowing access to an ironic inspector API on the internal API network.

Kayobe 1.1.0

Kayobe 1.1.0 was released on 17th July 2017.


  • Support static routes on control plane networks

  • Improve documentation

  • Initial support for in-development Pike release

  • Upgrade kayobe Ansible control host & control plane

  • Support overcloud service destroy command

  • Support fluentd custom output configuration

Kayobe 1.0.0

1.0.0 is the first ‘official’ release of the Kayobe OpenStack deployment tool. It was released on 29th June 2017.


This release includes the following features:

  • Heavily automated using Ansible

  • kayobe Command Line Interface (CLI) for cloud operators

  • Deployment of a seed VM used to manage the OpenStack control plane

  • Configuration of physical network infrastructure

  • Discovery, introspection and provisioning of control plane hardware using OpenStack bifrost

  • Deployment of an OpenStack control plane using OpenStack kolla-ansible

  • Discovery, introspection and provisioning of bare metal compute hosts using OpenStack ironic and ironic inspector

  • Containerised workloads on bare metal using OpenStack magnum

  • Big data on bare metal using OpenStack sahara