Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • scripts/run_kuryr.sh now defaults to running api server under uwsgi. This behaviour can be controlled by KURYR_USE_UWSGI env variable (default True). In case it is set to False or uwsgi is abscent api would be run as usual.

Other Notes

  • Tag existing subnetpool if tag extension is enabled in Neutron. This will ensure the subnetpool to deleted is the one kuryr created.


New Features

  • Support creating an IPv6 subnet from Docker client. Users can pass –ipv6 and IPv6 subnet attribute in CLI.

  • Support creating a Docker network with existing subnetpool. Users can use the option “neutron.pool.name” to specify the name of existing neutron subnetpool.

Known Issues

Upgrade Notes

  • The semantic of the option “neutron.pool.name” is changed. This option was used to specify a custom name of the creating subnetpool, and now it is used to specify the name of a pre-existing subnetpool. As a result, subnetpools created with custom name in before are now treated as external resources and won’t be cleanup on deletion. Users need to cleanup the resources manually.

Bug Fixes

  • In before, creating a container with an existing Neutron port that has both ipv4 and ipv6 would fail. For example:

    $ docker run –net=dualnet -itd –name=container –ip

    –ip6 fe80::8 busybox

    … docker: Error response from daemon: IpamDriver.RequestAddress: Requested ip address {‘subnet_id’: u’xxx’, ‘ip_address’: u’fe80::8’} already belongs to a bound Neutron port: XXX.

    This was fixed in this release (Bug #1668803).

Other Notes

  • Started using reno for release notes.