Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Prefix of all container images used in the cluster (kubernetes components, coredns, kubernetes-dashboard, node-exporter). For example, kubernetes-apiserver is pulled from, with this label it can be changed to Similarly, all other components used in the cluster will be prefixed with this label, which assumes an operator has cloned all expected images in
  • Allow any value to be passed on the docker_storage_driver field by turning it into a StringField (was EnumField), and remove the constraints limiting the values to ‘devicemapper’ and ‘overlay’.
  • Magnum now support policy in code [1], which means if users didn’t modify any of policy rules, they can leave policy file (in json or yaml format) empty or just remove it all together. Because from now, Magnum keeps all default policies under magnum/common/policies module. Users can still modify/generate the policy rules they want in the policy.yaml or policy.json file which will override the default policy rules in code only if those rules show in the policy file.


Upgrade Notes

  • Requires a db upgrade to change the docker_storage_driver field to be a string instead of an enum.
  • Magnum now supports policy in code, please refer to the relevant features in the release notes for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1663757] A configuration parameter, verify_ca, was added to magnum.conf with a default value of True and passed to the heat templates to indicate whether the cluster nodes validate the Certificate Authority when making requests to the OpenStack APIs (Keystone, Magnum, Heat). This parameter can be set to False to disable CA validation if you have self-signed certificates for the OpenStack APIs or you have your own Certificate Authority and you have not installed the Certificate Authority to all nodes.
  • From now on, server names are prefixed with the cluster name. The cluster name is truncated to 30 characters, (‘_’, ‘.’) are mapped to ‘-‘ and non alpha-numeric characters are removed to ensure FQDN compatibility.

Other Notes

  • Default policy.json file is now removed as Magnum now generate the default policies in code. Please be aware that when using that file in your environment.
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