Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add Cilium as a supported network driver of Kubernetes

Upgrade Notes

  • k8s_coreos_v1 driver has been dropped.

  • k8s_fedora_ironic_v1 driver has been dropped.

  • Dropped swarm drivers, Docker Swarm is not supported in Magnum anymore.

  • The Magnum service enable the API policies (RBAC) new defaults and scope by default. The Default value of config options [oslo_policy] enforce_scope and [oslo_policy] enforce_new_defaults have been changed to True.

    This means if you are using system scope token to access Magnum API then the request will be failed with 403 error code. Also, new defaults will be enforced by default. To know about the new defaults of each policy rule, refer to the Policy New Defaults Sample File.

    If you want to disable them then modify the below config options value in magnum.conf file:


Deprecation Notes

  • Remove support for cluster upgrades with the Heat driver. The Heat driver can longer support cluster upgrades due to these being unreliable and untested. The action now returns an HTTP 500 error. A Cluster API driver provides a way forward for Magnum to support this api action again for Kubernetes. In the meantime blue/green deployments, where a replacement cluster is created, remain a viable alternative to cluster upgrades.