Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Add nginx as an additional Ingress controller option for Kubernetes. Installation is done via the upstream nginx-ingress helm chart, and selection can be done via label ingress_controller=nginx.

  • Added label traefik_ingress_controller_tag to enable specifying traefik container version.

  • Using Node Problem Detector, Draino and AutoScaler to support auto healing for K8s cluster, user can use a new label “auto_healing_enabled’ to turn on/off it.

    Meanwhile, a new label “auto_scaling_enabled” is also introduced to enable the capability to let the k8s cluster auto scale based its workload.

  • Support multi DNS server when creating template. User can use a comma delimited ipv4 address list to specify multi dns server, for example “,”

Bug Fixes

  • Traefik container now defaults to a fixed tag (v1.7.10) instead of tag (latest)

New Features

  • Added monitoring_enabled to install prometheus-operator monitoring solution by means of helm stable/prometheus-operator public chart. Defaults to false. grafana_admin_passwd label can be used to set grafana dashboard admin access password. If grafana_admin_passwd is not set the password defaults to prom_operator.

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