Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Deploy kubelet in master nodes for the k8s_fedora_atomic driver. Previously it was done only for calico, now kubelet will run in all cases. Really useful, for monitoing the master nodes (eg deploy fluentd) or run the kubernetes control-plance self-hosted.
  • This will add the octavia client code for client to interact with the Octavia component of OpenStack
  • Add ‘grafana_tag’ and ‘prometheus_tag’ labels for the k8s_fedora_atomic driver. Grafana defaults to 5.1.5 and Prometheus defaults to v1.8.2.
  • Add heat_container_agent_tag label to allow users select the heat-agent tag. Stein default: stein-dev
  • This makes the keypair optional. The user should not have to include the keypair because they may use some other method of security such as using SSSD, preconfigured on the image.

Deprecation Notes

  • Currently, Magnum is running periodic tasks to collect k8s cluster metrics to message bus. Unfortunately, it’s collecting pods info only from “default” namespace which makes this function useless. What’s more, even Magnum can get all pods from all namespaces, it doesn’t make much sense to keep this function in Magnum. Because operators only care about the health of cluster nodes. If they want to know the status of pods, they can use heapster or other tools to get that. So the feauture is being deprecated now and will be removed in Stein release. And the default value is changed to False, which means won’t send the metrics.

Bug Fixes

  • Add a new label service_cluster_ip_range for kubernetes so that user can set the IP range for service portals to avoid conflicts with pod IP range.
  • When doing a cluster update magnum is now passing the existing parameter to heat which will use the heat templates stored in the heat db. This change will prevent heat from replacacing all nodes when the heat templates change, for example after an upgrade of the magnum server code.!/story/1722573
  • Fixed a bug where –live-restore was passed to Docker daemon causing the swarm init to fail. Magnum now ensures the –live-restore is not passed to the Docker daemon if it’s default in an image.
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