Ussuri Series Release Notes


Catatan Upgrade

  • Support for nova networking has been removed. Manila and the manilaclient sdk dropped support for nova network in the Ocata release (Feb 2017). So this should not have an impact on deployers running later releases, and this note is only informational.

Bug Fixes

  • Visibility of "switchable" fields in the share creation form involving share types that had hyphens in their names is now fixed. See Launchpad bug #1931641 for more details.


New Features (fitur baru)

  • The share groups dashboards now show the share group availability zone, share group type details and share group capabilities.

  • IPv6 access rules can now be added to shares.

Catatan Upgrade

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. The last release of openstack/manila-ui to support py2.7 is OpenStack Train (2.19.x). The minimum version of Python now supported by openstack/manila-ui is Python 3.6.

Bug Fixes

  • Availability zone field is now shown for both public and private shares in the dashboard showing detailed share information.

  • "snapshot_support" is no longer automatically included as an extra-spec in share types created via manila-ui. If the share type has to match backends that support snapshots, explicitly specify "snapshot_support" in the "Extra specs" field while creating share types. This change does not modify pre-existing share types.

  • This change updates the Manila API version to 2.33. This means that users can have access to timestamp details in access rules, available since API v2.33

  • Fixed issue that the saved Share quota data is not shown in Modify Quotas modal dialog.