Rocky Series Release Notes


Correção de erros

  • Fixed issue that the saved Share quota data is not shown in Modify Quotas modal dialog.


Correção de erros

  • Drop the host field from project view tables since this information is only visible to administrators. This is the UI side of Launchpad bug 1664370 and completes the fix for that bug.

  • Share servers are added to the share network details page. The page has been modified to show share servers and security services only if any exist, or are retrievable from the server.

  • Fixed an issue where an error message popped up about not being able to retrieve share network details when an ordinary user attempted to see these because the user wasn’t authorized for certain admin-only share server information. In this circumstance we now handle this situation gracefully behind the scenes and display all the share network information for which the end user is authorized.

  • The Share replica details page has been fixed to render correctly for users with non-admin roles.


Correção de erros

  • Fixed missing “Create Share” button on the “Shares” dashboard.