Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support for libvirt auth in instancemonitor. Use the standard methods to provide the actual authentication credentials. The SASL library and pluggable authentication modules should be installed on the instancemonitor host, use the packages provided in the distro alongside libvirt-python.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes hostmonitor reporting hosts down because of Pacemaker cluster partitioning. Now hostmonitor properly respects the status of Pacemaker cluster quorum. LP#1878548


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes hostmonitor hanging forever after certain exceptions. LP#1930361


New Features

  • Support for repeated check of node status in hostmonitor.

    Repeated check is more reliable than single check to determine host status, especially when there is network instability in play.

    With this feature, the following config option can be set.

    monitoring_samples = 3

    The above means 3 checks will be done before the node status is decided. The default value is 1 which is backwards compatible.

    Blueprint retry-check-when-host-failure

  • Adds pacemaker_node_type option to hostmonitor to allow skipping systemd service status checks which are often impossible in containerised deployments.

Other Notes

  • Masakari hostmonitor and processmonitor will no longer require CAP_NET_ADMIN capability.