Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes /v1/ API path which returned 404 ResourceNotFound preventing microversion discovery. LP#1685145

  • Allows segment description to contain new line characters. LP#1776385

  • Adds reserved_host to all aggregates of the failing host, instead of just the first one. LP#1856164

  • Fixes API microversion reporting to report the latest supported microversion. LP#1882516

  • Fixes validation of compute host existence from checking hypervisor list to compute service list. Since masakari needs to match nova compute service hostname with the one in pacemaker cluster and added to API for correctly processing hostmonitors failover notifications.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes Masakari Engine not to try to stop an already stopped instance and fail with 409 from Nova. LP#1782517

  • Fixes Masakari Engine not to wait for timeout when it’s known that the evacuation has failed. LP#1859406

  • Fixes an issue where a periodic task in Masakari Engine could loop forever querying Nova API following a failed evacuation. LP#1897888