Xena Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where instance metadata for network configuration was not correctly written to the config-drive when using a neutron routed provider network. The invalid metadata would in most cases cause the instance network initialization to completely fail, leaving the instance with no network connectivity. See bug: 2009715.

  • Fixed and issue where deployed nodes did not become available over the network. This happened when the first network interface was not connected to a network with a DHCP service, i.e a secondary network interface was used. Network metadata is now created and written to the instance config in the config-drive for deployed nodes. The addition of network metadata in the instance config solves this problem. See bug: 2009238.


Bug Fixes

  • Images sourced by HTTP would never have the node instance_info image_disk_format set to raw because the image file is not processed by ironic. This would result in errors for large images, or ironic-python-agent never using streaming to copy the image to disk. To work around this, image_disk_format is set to raw when the image URL ends with a .raw file extension.