Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • FIP64 extension was added. It allows users to associate IPv6 floating IPs to IPv4 fixed IPs.

Upgrade Notes

  • MidoNet v2015.03 support has been removed. Please upgrade to MidoNet v5.x and ML2 plugin.

Deprecation Notes

  • Monolithic plugin (midonet_v2) is now deprecated. Please use ML2 instead.

  • notification_drivers from [qos] section has been deprecated. Please remove it from your configuration.

  • The functionality to report MidoNet agents for agent extension has been removed. This is not relevant to majority of users because it has been available only when v2 plugin is used with the experimental task-based API.

  • agent-membership extension has been removed. Because it has never been in a usable state, there should not be user-noticable impacts. Please use the MidoNet API (via eg. midonet-cli) to configure tunnel zones and hosts.

  • MidoNet v2015.03 support has been removed.