Note de la release actuelle

Bug Fixes

  • Currently, QoS is implemented by TC command of HV OS. This solution has many drawbacks, such as not supported VLAN network or VMs from same HV. Meter is a comfortable solution, which is implement in OpenFlow as an action, so it is flexible and exact. By meter action, we can implemented QoS from both directions, also, we can support DSCP. If we want to add other matches, it is also feasible.

  • Upon adding an IP address to the allowed_address_pairs field of a Neutron’s port, networking-ovn will look if that IP address matches with the IP of an existing port in the same network and set its type to « virtual » (if it does match). By doing that, networking-ovn tells OVN that this virtual port is not bound to any VIF (required for VRRP configuration).