Pike Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • When upgrading from Ocata (v4), existing Port Chains that have been deployed using Port Pair Groups that combine Port Pairs of different correlation types (within the same Port Pair Group) will render differently when using the OVS Driver. Whereas before all the Port Pairs would have their correlation ignored if at least one of them had correlation=None, now the OVS driver will render each differently. Recreation of each Port Pair Group (that have inconsistent Port Pairs’ correlations) is recommended - and only Port Pairs sharing the same correlation type will now be supported.

Bug Fixes

  • When creating Port Pair Groups, validation of each Port Pair’s correlation type will now occur. Every Port Pair needs to share the same correlation type when they get attached to a specific Port Pair Group. This guarantees homogeneity in the composition of a Port Pair Group and clarifies the definition and feature set of each hop of a chain.