Note de release pour Mitaka

Note de release pour Mitaka



Generation of sample Neutron LBaaS configuration files.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Neutron LBaaS no longer includes static example configuration files. Instead, use tools/ to generate them. The files are generated with a .sample extension.

Problèmes connus

  • CLI update does not allow clearing session_persistence.

    In the process of fixing the session_persistence update bug, we discovered that the CLI for updating LBaaS v2 pools does not allow one to clear the session_persistence for a pool once set. A fix for this is being prepared, but in the mean time, the following work-arounds are possible if a given pool’s session_persistence parameter needs to be changed:

    • The pool can be deleted and recreated without session_persistence.
    • A tenant can update the session persistence by talking directly to the API using curl.

Corrections de bugs

  • session_persistence on a LBaaSv2 pool is no longer deleted when other pool parameters are updated via the CLI or API.
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