Note de la release actuelle


New Features

  • Add an API extension address-groups that enables users to aggregate IP address blocks into an address group object which can be later referenced when creating other resources.

  • Add an API extension security-groups-normalized-cidr that adds new, read-only attribute normalized_cidr to the security group rules.

  • Add keyword is_sort_key to agents. Make the agent’s attribute can be used as a sort key for sorting list result.

  • Add supported_extensions method to MechanismDriver. This method provides an standard API to implement, per mechanism driver, a way to filter the supported extensions. By default, this method will return the same set of extensions passed.

  • New API definition: port-numa-affinity-policy. The new field added to ports API, numa_affinity_policy, represents the NUMA affinity policy requested by this port during the virtual machine scheduling. Values: None, « required », « preferred », « legacy ».

  • The API extension uplink-status-propagation has changed the default value of propagate_uplink_status from False to True. Now, when this extension is enabled, the VF link state will be set, by default, to « auto », following the PF link state. This change will affect only new ports; existing ports will keep their current value.


New Features

  • Add API extension dns-integration-domain-keywords. This extension indicates if the server supports usage of keywords like project_id, project_name, user_id and user_name in the network’s DNS domain name.

  • The abstract class LinuxInterfaceDriver is now defined in neutron-lib.agent.linux.interface. It contains only the abstract methods and the class variables.

  • The timecost decorator is available in neutron_lib.utils.helpers now. This permits functions to be decorated with functionality that will emit a debug log with the time it took to execute the function.

Bug Fixes

  • The DHCP port numbers for IPv4 were defined incorrectly in neutron_lib.constants, they are now correct - 68 (client) and 67 (server).