Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Add new configuration option igmp_snooping_enable. New option is in OVS config section and is used by openvswitch agent. This option is used to enable support for Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) in integration bridge.

Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported by Neutron is Python 3.6.

  • The network mtu attribute is set to be non-nullable. If the mtu is empty(create before Pike version), it is set to the default value of 1500.

  • Config option agent_type, which has been deprecated since Mitaka, is now removed. Agents should now use hardcoded values for agent type.

  • A security group rule added for the entire port range, for example, TCP ports 1-65535, is not optimal for backends that implement the rule. Rules like this will now automatically be converted to apply to the procotol itself, in other words, all TCP - the port ranges will be ignored. See bug 1848213 for more details.

  • SR-IOV agent code no longer supports old kernels (<3.13) for MacVtap ports. This change is not expected to affect existing deployments since most OS distributions already have the relevant kernel patches. In addition, latest major release of all Supported distributions already have a newer kernel.

Bug Fixes

  • When listing ports using the openstack port list --mac-address A:B:C:D:E:F command we might not return any result when trying to list ports by MAC address if the cases differ. This fix makes the search based on MAC address case insensitive. For more information see bug 1843428.

  • When updating the fixed-ips of a port residing on a routed provider network the port update would always fail if host was not set. See bug: 1844124.

  • Neutron currently does not fully respect the network-auto-schedule configuration option. If the network-auto-schedule option is set to False, the network - a) Is still scheduled on the DHCP agent when it is created b) Is scheduled on a new DHCP agent if the old DHCP mapping is removed by the user/admin. It is especially necessary where the Network Backends provide DHCP directly. This has been fixed now and if the network-auto-schedule is set to False in the config file, networks would not be automatically scheduled to the DHCP Agents. If mapping/scheduling is required, it can be done manually or by setting the network-auto-schedule to True.

  • Owners of security groups now see all security group rules which belong to the security group, even if the rule was created by the admin user. Fixes bug 1824248.

Other Notes

  • When the enable_distributed_routing (DVR) configuration option is set to True and tunneling is enabled, the arp_responder option will be forced to True since it is now required in order for ARP to work properly. For more information, see bug 1774459.

  • A new config option, radvd_user, was added to l3_agent.ini for the L3 agent. This option defines the username passed to radvd, used to drop “root” privileges and change user ID to username and group ID to the primary group of the user. If no user specified (by default), the user executing the L3 agent will be passed. If “root” specified, because radvd is spawned as root, no “username” parameter will be passed. (For more information see bug 1844688.)