Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • A new configuration option http_retries was added. This option allows configuring the number of times the nova or ironic client should retry on a failed HTTP call.

  • DVR routers now support flat networks.

  • The dns-assignment will reflect the dns-domain defined in the network or sent by user when creating the port using –dns-domain rather than just take the dns-domain defined in the neutron configuration

  • Added support for router availability zones in OVN. The OVN driver can now read from the router’s availability_zone_hints field and schedule router ports accordingly with the given availability zones.

  • A previous change to set neutron-server child process names also modified neutron agent ones. This can impact monitoring systems relying on /proc/PID/environ formatting or ps -e output. Now neutron agents all have process names formatted this way (showing both an old style process name and full process name visible in recent releases) neutron-agent-name (original process name including interpreter)

    See bug 1881297 for more details.

Upgrade Notes

  • The configuration option firewall_driver is no longer used by neutron-server, it only applies to the L2 agent. This was required for backward-compatibility for hybrid plugging, but since the Newton release the L2 agent has been able to report hybrid plugging is needed in it’s report message back to the server.

  • Limit the ML2 VLAN allocations to [1, 4094] values in the database engine. This constraint, enforced in the database engine, could not be supported yet. In this case, it will be ignored. For more information, see the note in

  • Monitoring tools relying on exact process names should be checked after upgrade, and modified if needed.

Deprecation Notes

  • Abstract method plug_new from the neutron.agent.linux.interface.LinuxInterfaceDriver class now accepts an optional parameter link_up. Usage of this method, which takes from 5 to 9 positional arguments, without link_up is now deprecated and will not be possible starting in the W release. Third-party drivers which inherit from this base class should update the implementation of their plug_new method.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug 1876092 which caused DUP ICMP replies on the flat networks used with DVR routers.

  • Fixed an issue where the client on a dual-stack (IPv4 + IPv6) network failed to get configuration from the dnsmasq DHCP server. See bug: 1876094.