Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Neutron supports creating IPv4 subnet with prefixlen /31 and /32, via disabling dhcp on a subnet. For more information, see bug 1580927.

  • A new quota driver is added: DbQuotaNoLockDriver. This driver, unlike DbQuotaDriver, does not create a unique lock per (resource, project_id). That may lead to a database deadlock state if the number of server requests exceeds the number of resolved resource creations, as described in LP#1926787. This driver relays on the database transactionality isolation and counts the number of used and reserved resources and, if available, creates the new resource reservations in one single database transaction.

Known Issues

  • When using the minimim-bandwidth QoS feature due to bug physical NIC resource providers were for some time created with the wrong parent (i.e. the hypervisor RP). This is now partially fixed and new resource providers are created now with the expected parent (i.e. the agent RP). However Placement does not allow re-parenting an already existing resource provider, therefore the following Placement DB update may be needed after the fix for bug 1921150 is applied: neutron/tools/bug-1921150-re-parent-device-rps.sql Until all resource providers have the proper parent, neutron-server will retry the re-parenting update, which will be rejected every time, therefore expect polluted logs and some wasted load on Placement. However please note that the bandwidth-aware scheduling is supposed to work even with the wrongly parented resource providers.

  • When using Linux Bridge mechanism driver in newer operating systems that use nftables by default, it is needed to switch back to the legacy tool, as documented in the admin documentation for Linux bridge mechanism driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • The configuration options for XenAPI support has been removed, because these options were already ineffective.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters in the designate section have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The [designate] auth_type parameter and required keystoneauth parameters should be used instead.

    • admin_username

    • admin_password

    • admin_tenant_id

    • admin_tenant_name

    • admin_auth_url

Other Notes

  • Neutron resource tags can now be 255 characters long, previously resource tags was limited to 60 characters.