Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


In order to reduce the time spent processing security group updates in the L2 agent, conntrack deletion is now performed in a set of worker threads instead of the main agent thread, so it can return to processing other events quickly.

New Features

  • Added new unknown state for HA routers. Sometimes l3 agents may not be able to update health status to Neutron server due to communication issues. During that time the server may not know whether HA routers hosted by that agent are active or standby.
  • Support port filtering on security group IDs. The feature can be used if ‘port-security-group-filtering’ extension is available.

Known Issues

  • In the case when the number of ports to clean up in a single bridge is larger than about 10000, it might require an increase in the ovsdb_timeout config option to some value higher than 600 seconds.

Upgrade Notes

  • On an upgrade, conntrack entries will now be cleaned-up in a worker thread, instead of in the calling thread.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue that standard attributes, such as created_at, updated_at and revision_number, are not rendered in the response of segment resource.
  • Fixes bug 1763604. Override default value of ovsdb_timeout config option in neutron-ovs-cleanup script. The default value is 10 seconds, but that is not enough for the neutron-ovs-cleanup script when there are many ports to remove from a single bridge, for example, 5000. Because of that, we now override the default value for the config option to be 600 seconds (10 minutes).
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