Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where TERMINATED_HTTPS listener type was greyed out.



The Octavia team is excited to release the 1.0.0 version of the Octavia dashboard. This dashboard uses the Octavia API endpoint via the OpenStackSDK. This release includes a number of improvements over the old neutron-lbaas-dashboard that worked against the neutron API endpoint. These improvements are listed below in the features section of this release note.

New Features

  • A new dashboard wizard for Octavia. Allows you to create an Octavia load balancer and related resources such as a listener, pool, pool members, and health monitor.

  • A view of all the existing Octavia load balancers.

  • Ability to view details of a Octavia load balancer and drill down to see details for the listener, pool, pool member, and health monitor resources.

  • Ability to create, update, and delete the Octavia load balancer, listener, pool, pool member, and health monitor resources.

  • Ability to associate and disassociate Floating IP addresses for a load balancer.

  • Ability to choose from SSL certificates stored by the key-manager service when creating a listener using the TERMINATED_HTTPS protocol.

  • Ability to choose from existing instances from the compute service or specify external members when adding members to a pool.

  • The object details pages now use a tabbed navigation for child objects.

  • Provisioning and operating status is now available on all object details pages.

  • Pools can now change the load balancing algorithm after creation.

  • Members now display the subnet_id on the details page.

  • Health monitors can now change the expected HTTP codes.

  • The session persistence for a pool can now be changed.

  • Created at and Updated at times are now visible on the details pages.

  • Health monitors can now use alternate IP addresses and ports.

  • Listener connection limits can now be updated.

  • All objects now allow setting the “Admin State”.

Known Issues

  • The Octavia-Dashboard requires openstacksdk >= 0.10.0 to resolve an issue with displaying the health monitor details page. It is expected this will be included in the OpenStack Queens release.

Upgrade Notes

  • This dashboard can be used alongside the neutron-lbaas-dashboard, but both dashboard panels will use the “Load Balancer” labels.

Other Notes

  • The neutron-lbaas Neutron extension is not required to use this dashboard. Load balancers created with neutron-lbaas that have not been migrated to Octavia may not be accessible via this dashboard. Only resources accessible via the Octavia API will be visible in this dashboard.