Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added API test support for keystone default roles and scoped tokens.

Known Issues

  • Currently the API tests will not pass with the keystone_default_roles-policy.yaml override file. This is due to the tempest framework credentials do not yet support token scopes. This issue is tracked in Once that bug is fixed, octavia-tempest-plugin can be updated to use the required scope in the test credentials.

Upgrade Notes

  • Two new tempest.conf settings enable/disable keystone default roles and scoped token testing, [enforce_scope] octavia = True/False and [load_balancer] enforce_new_defaults = True/False.


Other Notes

  • The Octavia tempest plugin now as a configuration setting for the path to the test server. By default it will expect the test server to now be located in /opt/octavia-tempest-plugin/test_server.bin. The devstack plugin has been updated to place the test_server.bin in that location.


New Features

  • Add an optional amphora admin log offloading scenario test.

  • API tests for tags were added.

  • Adds an optional tenant flow log offload scenario test.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed availability zone API tests to skip if the required availability zones are not defined in the tempest configuration file and the test run is not using no-op drivers.


New Features

  • Added test scenarios for UDP traffic.

  • Adds scenario tests for listener client authentication.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the service clients to use the tempest default service client configuration settings.


New Features

  • Added the listener stats service client and API test.