Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds support for Layer 7 switching and shared pools features to Octavia. This supports the equivalent feature added to Neutron LBaaS v2.

    • Layer 7 policies allow a tenant / user to define actions the load balancer may take other than routing requests to the default pool.

    • Layer 7 rules control the logic behind whether a given Layer 7 policy is followed.

    • Works for HTTP and TERMINATED_HTTPS listeners.

    • Shared pools allow listeners or Layer 7 REDIRECT_TO_POOL policies to share back-end pools.

  • Glance image containing the latest Amphora image can now be referenced using a Glance tag. To use the feature, set amp_image_tag in [controller_worker]. Note that amp_image_id should be unset for the new feature to take into effect.

  • Active/Standby support for Octavia.

    • When enabled in the configuration file, Octavia will boot an active and standby amphora for each load balancer.

    • Session persistence is maintained between the active and standby amphora.

    • Amphora failover is supported when active/standby is enabled. Should the master or backup amphora fail, the health manager will rebuild it.

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade requires a database migration.

    • Shared-pools introduces a new load_balancer_id column into the pools table.

    • pools.load_balancer_id column is populated from listeners data using ETL in the migration.

    • Two new tables are created to handle Layer 7 switching. These are l7policy and l7rule.

  • amp_image_id option is deprecated and will be removed in one of the next releases. Operators are adviced to migrate to the new amp_image_tag option.

  • Upgrade requires a database migration.

    • Adds tables for active/standby.

    • Updates load balancer, listener, and amphora tables.