Stein Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The service setup in keystone for designate will now be executed through delegation to the designate_service_setup_host which, by default, is localhost (the deploy host). Deployers can opt to rather change this to the utility container by implementing the following override in user_variables.yml.

    designate_service_setup_host: "{{ groups['utility_all'][0] }}"
  • The role now supports using the distribution packages for the OpenStack services instead of the pip ones. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by simply setting the designate_install_method variable to distro.

  • Support separate oslo.messaging services for RPC and Notifications to enable operation of separate and different messaging backend servers in designate.

Deprecation Notes

  • The variable designate_requires_pip_packages is no longer required and has therefore been removed.

  • The log path, /var/log/designate is no longer used to capture service logs. All logging for the designate service will now be sent directly to the systemd journal.

  • The rabbitmq server parameters have been replaced by corresponding oslo.messaging RPC and Notify parameters in order to abstract the messaging service from the actual backend server deployment. - designate_oslomsg_rpc_servers replaces designate_rabbitmq_servers - designate_oslomsg_rpc_port replaces designate_rabbitmq_port - designate_oslomsg_rpc_use_ssl replaces designate_rabbitmq_use_ssl - designate_oslomsg_rpc_userid replaces designate_rabbitmq_userid - designate_oslomsg_rpc_vhost replaces designate_rabbitmq_vhost - designate_oslomsg_notify_servers replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_servers - designate_oslomsg_notify_port replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_port - designate_oslomsg_notify_use_ssl replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_use_ssl - designate_oslomsg_notify_userid replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_userid - designate_oslomsg_notify_vhost replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_vhost - designate_oslomsg_notify_password replaces designate_rabbitmq_telemetry_password