Ussuri Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The service setup in keystone for gnocchi will now be executed through delegation to the gnocchi_service_setup_host which, by default, is localhost (the deploy host). Deployers can opt to rather change this to the utility container by implementing the following override in user_variables.yml.

    gnocchi_service_setup_host: "{{ groups['utility_all'][0] }}"

Upgrade Notes

  • Gnocchi migrated from usage of Apache mod_wsgi or native daemon to uWSGI daemon. This means, that some variables are not available and has no effect anymore, specifically * gnocchi_use_mod_wsgi * gnocchi_apache_* * gnocchi_ssl* (except gnocchi_ssl_external - it’s still in place) * gnocchi_user_ssl_*

    During upgrade process role will drop gnocchi_service_port from apache listeners (ports.conf) and gnocchi virtualhost, which by default means misconfigured apache service (since it won’t have any listeners) unless it’s aio build and this apache server is in use by other role/service. Apache server won’t be dropped from gnocchi_api hosts, so deployers are encoureged to remove it manually.

Deprecation Notes

  • The variable gnocchi_requires_pip_packages is no longer required and has therefore been removed.

Security Issues

  • The default TLS version has been set to TLS1.2. This only allows version 1.2 of the protocol to be used when terminating or creating TLS connections. You can change the value with the gnocchi_ssl_protocol variable.