Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The horizon_keystone_admin_roles variable is added to support the OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_ROLES list in the file.


New Features

  • The os_horizon role now supports configuration of custom themes. Deployers can use the new horizon_custom_themes and horizon_default_theme variables to configure the dashboard with custom themes and default to a specific theme respectively.


New Features

  • Horizon now has the ability to set arbitrary configuration options using global option horizon_config_overrides in YAML format. The overrides follow the same pattern found within the other OpenStack service overrides. General documentation on overrides can be found here.

Bug Fixes

  • The standard collectstatic and compression process in the os_horizon role now happens after horizon customizations are installed, so that all static resources will be collected and compressed.


New Features

  • Deployers can now blacklist certain Nova extensions by providing a list of such extensions in horizon_nova_extensions_blacklist variable, for example:

      - "SimpleTenantUsage"
  • Added horizon_apache_custom_log_format tunable to the os-horizon role for changing CustomLog format. Default is “combined”.


New Features

  • The new LBaaS v2 dashboard is available in Horizon. Deployers can enable the panel by setting the following Ansible variable:

    horizon_enable_neutron_lbaas: True

    The tasks in the os_horizon role will determine which LBaaS version is in use (via neutron_plugin_base) and activate the correct panel for LBaaS v1 or v2.

  • Horizon’s IPv6 support is now configurable with Ansible variables. Deployers can enable IPv6 support in Horizon by setting the following variable:

    horizon_enable_ipv6: True

    Please note: Horizon will still display IPv6 addresses in various panels with IPv6 support disabled. However, it will not allow any direct management of IPv6 configuration.


Security Issues

  • Horizon disables password autocompletion in the browser by default, but deployers can now enable autocompletion by setting horizon_enable_password_autocomplete to True.