Zed Series Release Notes

New Features

  • New variables have been added to allow a deployer to enable iPXE support for Ironic Conductor, which uses HTTP rather than TFTP, and can speed up baremetal provisioning considerably. To enable, simply set the ironic_ipxe_enabled override to True.

  • UEFI boot support has been added. To migrate from Legacy BIOS mode, define boot_mode:uefi as a capability for baremetal nodes that support UEFI. In addition, corresponding flavor(s) will need to be created or modified to include boot_mode:uefi as a capability for scheduling to occur against UEFI nodes.

  • The os_ironic ansible role can now upload the ironic deploy image to glance. Several new variables are defined as ironic_deploy_image_* which control this. It is possible to disable the upload to glance and also to specify custom locations to stage the images from if required.

  • The service setup in keystone for ironic will now be executed through delegation to the ironic_service_setup_host which, by default, is localhost (the deploy host). Deployers can opt to rather change this to the utility container by implementing the following override in user_variables.yml.

    ironic_service_setup_host: "{{ groups['utility_all'][0] }}"
  • Support separate oslo.messaging services for RPC and Notifications to enable operation of separate and different messaging backend servers in ironic.

Upgrade Notes

  • The variables ironic_inspector_ipa_initrd_name and ironic_inspector_ipa_initrd_name are removed from the os_ironic role and more flexible functionality is now provided with the ironic_deplo_image_* variables. Review any overrides you have for the ironic service and adjust these new variables if necessary.

Deprecation Notes

  • The pxe_append_params configuration option has been deprecated by Ironic and replaced with kernel_append_params. The corresponding configuration override, ironic_pxe_append_params, has been replaced by ironic_kernel_append_params but will continue to be supported until a future undetermined release.

  • The variable ironic_requires_pip_packages is no longer required and has therefore been removed.

  • The rabbitmq server parameters have been replaced by corresponding oslo.messaging RPC and Notify parameters in order to abstract the messaging service from the actual backend server deployment. - ironic_oslomsg_rpc_servers replaces ironic_rabbitmq_servers - ironic_oslomsg_rpc_port replaces ironic_rabbitmq_port - ironic_oslomsg_rpc_use_ssl replaces ironic_rabbitmq_use_ssl - ironic_oslomsg_rpc_userid replaces ironic_rabbitmq_userid - ironic_oslomsg_rpc_vhost replaces ironic_rabbitmq_vhost