Zed Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Support separate oslo.messaging services for RPC and Notifications to enable operation of separate and different messaging backend servers in trove.

  • The trove service setup in keystone will now be executed through delegation to the trove_service_setup_host which, by default, is localhost (the deploy host). Deployers can opt to rather change this to the utility container by implementing the following override in user_variables.yml.

    trove_service_setup_host: "{{ groups['utility_all'][0] }}"
  • Added guest image upload functionality into Trove role. In order to use this functionality, you need to define trove_guestagent_images variable which may contain list of images that are required for upload and set required tags for them.

  • Added variable trove_management_security_groups to set list of security groups that will be set for management interface of Trove guest instances.

  • Added following variables to control endpoint types that trove will search in the catalog:

    • trove_service_endpoint_type

    • trove_service_neutron_endpoint_type

    • trove_service_cinder_endpoint_type

    • trove_service_nova_endpoint_type

    • trove_service_glance_endpoint_type

    • trove_service_swift_endpoint_type

    • trove_guest_endpoint_type

  • Added following variables to control when to add specific service blocks to the config file and enable support for these services:

    • trove_swift_enabled

    • trove_designate_enabled

    • trove_cinder_enabled

  • Added following variables to ease designate integration with trove:

    • trove_dns_domain_name

    • trove_dns_domain_id

    • trove_notifications_designate

  • Added Trove guest specific variables to be able to use standalone rabbitmq along with defaulting behaviour to enable guests to use trove_container_net_name for rabbitmq servers:

    • trove_guest_oslomsg_rpc_hostgroup

    • trove_guest_oslomsg_notify_hostgroup

Upgrade Notes

  • Trove service specific config files, like trove-conductor.conf and trove-taskmanager.conf, were removed and all functionality was merged to the trove.conf file. So you need to ensure, that all overriden options are now placed for the trove.conf file.

  • Default Trove service username has been changed from admin_trove_user to trove. You might want to manually delete admin_trove_user after upgrade or override new default.

  • Default Trove service project name has been changed from trove_for_trove_usage to service. You might want to manually delete trove_for_trove_usage project after upgrade or override new default.

  • Default value for trove_service_net_subnet_cidr has been changed from “” to “”. Along with that pool start and pool end has changed as well, which is represented with variables trove_service_net_allocation_pool_start and trove_service_net_allocation_pool_end. Please, define these variables user_variables in case you used default values in production endironments.

Deprecation Notes

  • The rabbitmq server parameters have been replaced by corresponding oslo.messaging RPC and Notify parameters in order to abstract the messaging service from the actual backend server deployment. - trove_oslomsg_rpc_servers replaces trove_rabbitmq_servers - trove_oslomsg_rpc_port replaces trove_rabbitmq_port - trove_oslomsg_rpc_use_ssl replaces trove_rabbitmq_use_ssl - trove_oslomsg_rpc_userid replaces trove_rabbitmq_userid - trove_oslomsg_rpc_vhost replaces trove_rabbitmq_vhost - added trove_oslomsg_notify_servers - added trove_oslomsg_notify_port - added trove_oslomsg_notify_use_ssl - added trove_oslomsg_notify_userid - added trove_oslomsg_notify_vhost - added trove_oslomsg_notify_password

  • The variable trove_requires_pip_packages is no longer required and has therefore been removed.

  • Variables trove_taskmanager_config_overrides and trove_conductor_config_overrides were removed along with affected config files. You should use trove_config_overrides to override trove configuration.

  • Removed variable trove_provider_ip_from_q and trove_container_net_name. If you need to change network which will be used for guests inside trove containers, please use variables trove_provider_network or trove_provider_net_iface.

  • Removed variables trove_admin_user_name and trove_service_tenant_name. Please use trove_service_user_name and trove_service_project_name correspondingly to manage username and project name which will be used for auth in keystone.

Security Issues

  • The default TLS version has been set to TLS1.2. This only allows version 1.2 of the protocol to be used when terminating or creating TLS connections. You can change the value with the trove_ssl_protocol variable.