Train Series Release Notes

Known Issues

  • When using the connection plugin’s container_user option, ansible_remote_tmp should be set to a system writable path such as ‘/var/tmp/’.

Upgrade Notes

  • The distribution package lookup and data output has been removed from the py_pkgs lookup so that the repo-build use of py_pkgs has reduced output and the lookup is purpose specific for python packages only.

Deprecation Notes

  • The get_gested filter has been removed, as it is not used by any roles/plays.

  • Removal of the netloc, netloc_no_port and netorigin filters. Please use the urlsplit filter instead. All usages of the deprecated filters in openstack repos have been updated.

  • The py_pkgs and packages_file Ansible lookups are no longer used in OSA and have been removed from the plugins repository.

Other Notes

  • The config_template action module has now been moved into its own git repository (openstack/ansible-config_template). This has been done to simplify the ability to use the plugin in other non OpenStack-Ansible projects.