Current series release notes

New Features

  • The option repo_venv_default_pip_packages has been added which will allow deployers to insert any packages into a service venv as needed. The option expects a list of strings which are valid python package names as found on PYPI.

Deprecation Notes

  • The repo build process no longer builds packaged venvs. Instead, the venvs are created on the target hosts as the install process for each service needs to. This opens up the opportunity for roles to be capable of creating multiple venvs, and for any role to create venvs - neither of these options were possible in previous releases.

    The following variables therefore have been removed.

    • repo_build_venv_selective

    • repo_build_venv_rebuild

    • repo_build_venv_timeout

    • repo_build_concurrency

    • repo_build_venv_build_dir

    • repo_build_venv_dir

    • repo_build_venv_pip_install_options

    • repo_build_venv_command_options

    • repo_venv_default_pip_packages