Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The rsyslog_client role now supports the ability to configure whether apt/yum tasks install the latest available package, or just ensure that the package is present. The default action is to ensure that the latest package is present. The action taken may be changed to only ensure that the package is present by setting rsyslog_client_package_state to present.

  • CentOS7 support has been added to the rsyslog_client role.

  • The options of application logrotate configuration files are now configurable. rsyslog_client_log_rotate_options can be used to provide a list of directives, and rsyslog_client_log_rotate_scripts can be used to provide a list of postrotate, prerotate, firstaction, or lastaction scripts.

Upgrade Notes

  • The rsyslog_client role always checks whether the latest package is installed when executed. If a deployer wishes to change the check to only validate the presence of the package, the option rsyslog_client_package_state should be set to present.

  • The variable rsyslog_client_packages has been replaced by rsyslog_client_distro_packages.

  • In the rsyslog_client role, the variable rsyslog_client_repos has been removed as it is no longer used.