Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Added new parameter tempest_services for setting tempest_service_available_{service_name} var automatically.

  • The ceph_client role will now look for and configure manila services to work with ceph and cephfs.

  • The os_masakari role now covers the monitors installation and configuration, completing the full service configuration.

  • The override rabbitmq_memory_high_watermark can be used to set the maximum size of the erlang Virtual Machine before the garbage collection is triggered. The default is lowered to 0.2, from 0.4 as the garbage collection can require 2x of allocated amount during its operation. This can result in a equivalent use of 0.4, resulting in 40% of memory usage, visible to the rabbitMQ container. The original default setting of 0.4 can lead to 80% memory allocation of rabbitMQ, potentially leading to a scenario where the underlying Linux kernel is killing the process due to shortage of virtual memory.

  • Added 2 new varibles for all groups - oslomsg_notify_policies and oslomsg_rpc_policies. These variables contain default rabbitmq policies, which will be applied for every rabbitmq vhost. As for now they will enable [HA mode]( for all vhosts. If you would like to disable HA mode just set these variables to empty lists inside your user_config.yml

  • The galera_server role now uses mariabackup in order to complete SST operations due to the fact that this is the recommended choice from MariaDB.

  • The galera_server role now ships with the latest MariaDB release of 10.3.13.

Upgrade Notes

  • The rabbitMQ high watermark is set to 0.2 rather than 0.4 to prevent possible OOM situations, which limits the maximum memory usage by rabbitMQ to 40% rather than 80% of the memory visible to the rabbitMQ container. The override rabbitmq_memory_high_watermark can be used to alter the limit.

  • The default Mnesia dump_log_write_threshold value has changed to 300 instead of 100 for efficiency. dump_log_write_threshold specifies the maximum number of writes allowed to the transaction log before a new dump of the log is performed. Increasing this value can increase the performances during the queues/exchanges/bindings creation/destroying. The values should be between 100 and 1000. More detail [1].


  • The option rabbitmq_disable_non_tls_listeners has been removed in favor of setting the bind address and port configuration directly using a new option rabbitmq_port_bindings. This new option is a hash allowing for multiple bind addresses and port configurations.

  • The repo server no longer uses pypiserver, so it has been removed. Along with this, the following variables have also been removed.

    • repo_pypiserver_port

    • repo_pypiserver_pip_packages

    • repo_pypiserver_package_path

    • repo_pypiserver_bin

    • repo_pypiserver_working_dir

    • repo_pypiserver_start_options

    • repo_pypiserver_init_overrides

  • Tacker role now uses default systemd_service role. Due to this upstart is not supported anymore. Was added variable tacker_init_config_overrides, with wich deployer may override predifined options. Also variable program_override has no effect now, and tacker_service_names was removed in favor of tacker_service_name.

Deprecation Notes

  • In the ceph_client role, the only valid values for ceph_pkg_source are now ceph and distro. For Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Cloud Archive apt source is already setup by the openstack_hosts role, so there is no need for it to also be setup by the ceph_client role.

  • The compression option in the galera_server role has been removed due to the fact that it is not recommended by MariaDB anymore. This means that all the dependencies from Percona such as QPress are no longer necessary.

  • The following variables have been removed because they are no longer used. * galera_percona_xtrabackup_repo * use_percona_upstream * galera_xtrabackup_compression * galera_server_percona_distro_packages

  • The variable galera_xtrabackup_threads has been renamed to galera_mariabackup_threads to reflect the change in the SST provider.

  • The deprecated Neutron LBaaS v2 plugin has been removed from the Neutron role.

  • The deprecated Neutron LBaaS v2 plugin support has been removed from openstack-ansible.

  • nova-placement-api has been removed from the os_nova role, along with all nova_placement_* variables. Please review the os_placement role for information about how to configure the new placement service.

  • Removal of the netloc, netloc_no_port and netorigin filters. Please use the urlsplit filter instead. All usages of the deprecated filters in openstack repos have been updated.

  • The py_pkgs and packages_file Ansible lookups are no longer used in OSA and have been removed from the plugins repository.

Bug Fixes

  • ceilometer-polling services running on compute nodes did not have the polling namespace configured. Because of this they used the default value of running all pollsters from the central and compute namespaces. But the pollsters from the central namespace don’t have to run on every compute node. This is fixed by only running the compute pollsters on compute nodes.

  • The RyuBgpDriver is no longer available and replaced by the OsKenBgpDriver of the neutron_dynamic_routing project.

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