Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Add merge with haproxy_<service>_overrides variables (e.g.: haproxy_cloudkitty_api_service), which can be used for partial overrides for haproxy services configurations.

  • Add keepalived_instances_overrides variable, which allows passing custom options for keepalived_instances.

  • Support Rocky Linux 9 as a Deployment and Target host

Upgrade Notes

  • The RabbitMQ management interface surfaced via HAProxy defaults to using TLS from the Yoga release. Note that when using TLS the default port switches from 15672 to 15671. TLS can be disabled if required by adjusting ‘rabbitmq_management_ssl’.

Other Notes

  • File /etc/openstack_deploy/openstack_hostnames_ips.yml is not used anymore and can be safely removed from your deployment configuration.

New Features

  • Implemented variable gnocchi_metricd_workers that is designed to controll amount of gnocchi-metricd workers spawned. By default it is equal to number of CPU cores, but no more than 16 workers.

  • Implemented variable magnum_conductor_workers that is designed to controll amount of magnum-conductor workers spawned. By default it is equal to number of CPU cores, but no more then 16 workers.

  • Neutron VPN as a Service (VPNaaS) with customized configuration files can now be defined with the variable neutron_vpnaas_custom_config. deployers should define neutron_vpnaas_custom_config in ‘user_variables.yml’. Example:

      - src: "/etc/openstack_deploy/strongswan/strongswan.conf.template"
        dest: "{{ neutron_conf_dir }}/strongswan.conf.template"
      - src: "/etc/openstack_deploy/strongswan/strongswan.d"
        dest: "/etc/strongswan.d"
      - src: "/etc/openstack_deploy/{{ neutron_vpnaas_distro_packages }}/ipsec.conf.template"
        dest: "{{ neutron_conf_dir }}/ipsec.conf.template"
      - src: "/etc/openstack_deploy/{{ neutron_vpnaas_distro_packages }}/ipsec.secret.template"
        dest: "{{ neutron_conf_dir }}/ipsec.secret.template"

    We should be also define neutron_l3_agent_ini_overrides in ‘user_variables.yml’ to tell l3_agent use the new config file. Example:

        enable_detailed_logging: True
        strongswan_config_template : "{{ neutron_conf_dir }}/strongswan.conf.template"
        ipsec_config_template:  "{{ neutron_conf_dir }}/ipsec.conf.template"

Upgrade Notes

  • If you have defined haproxy_tuning_params in your deployment, make sure that before upgrade all keys are valid haproxy options. For example, instead of chksize: 16384 you should set tune.chksize: 16384. Otherwise invalid config will be generated and haproxy will fail on startup. No upgrade scripts are provided for this change as well as no backwards compatability.

  • Cinder v2 API is now fully removed from Cinder service. With that os_cinder role ensures v2 endpoint is not present anymore in the catalog and remove endpoints if they’re present.

Bug Fixes

  • By default we increase tune.maxrewrite as otherwise while using CSP headers, their size could exceed allowed buffer. Also deployers can override this value if needed.

Other Notes

  • Restriction on parameters that can be passed to haproxy_tuning_params has been released. This means, that any tuning parameter can be passed in key/value format.