Current Series Release Notes

Upgrade Notes

  • During upgrade HA policy for RabbitMQ will be disabled and replaced with usage of quorum queues which is a new and more efficient way to ensure queues durability.

    If you want to continue using HA queues instead of quorum queues, please specify in your user_variables.yml:

    oslomsg_rabbit_quorum_queues: False

    If oslomsg_rabbit_quorum_queues is enabled (default behaviour), RabbitMQ vhosts will be re-created without leading /. Ensure to reflect these changes in your monitoring software if vhosts are not auto-discovered. Also changing vhost name will result in prolonged downtime for services, as not re-configured yet backends will fail to connect to RabbitMQ until restart. It also might be worth to process upgrade with extra caution for some serivices that are sensetive to RabbitMQ downtime or even disabling usage of quorum queues for these services. Good examples of such services are Trove or Neutron with ML2 LXB or ML2 OVS drivers.

Deprecation Notes

Bug Fixes

  • All compute nodes are not added as OVN gateways by default and network-gateway_hosts definition is respected.

Other Notes

  • Variable openstack_service_accept_both_protocols was implemented to temporarily accept both HTTP and HTTPS traffic on haproxy frontends. It is useful when changing protocol of service endpoints.

  • S3 API is now enabled by default for deployments using integrated ceph-ansible.