Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Added variable glance_image_cache_stall_time to control glance cache time if needed. Defaults to 86400.

  • Added new variable haproxy_hatop_install, that allows to conditionally enable or disable hatop installation.

  • Created series of variables haproxy_*_service that contain specific to the service haproxy configuration block. This allows deployers to selectively adjust haproxy frontend/backend configuration for specific service only, without need to override whole haproxy_default_services.

  • Added option to be able to mount s3fs with systemd as shared filesystem. Type should be stated as ‘fuse.s3fs’, and extra key ‘credentials’ should be set for systemd_mounts. S3 url should be placed in the options. Please follow for docs regarding s3fs.

  • Added systemd_overrides and systemd_overrides_only keys to the systemd_services dictionary. With help of the systemd_overrides you can define systemd native overrides, which will be placed in /etc/systemd/system/service_name.service.d/overrides. systemd_overrides_only shows that no service_name.service should not be created and create only overrides.

  • Added sockets key to configure systemd-sockets for the systemd service.

Upgrade Notes

  • For Designate designate_pool_uuid was hardcoded in os_designate role. Now it’s dynamically generated in secrets.yml and unique per deployment. However, before upgrade you must set designate_pool_uuid to the current uuid. Most likely it is 794ccc2c-d751-44fe-b57f-8894c9f5c842 since that value has been defaulted in the role and it would remain the same unless explicitly overwritten. You can check your pool uuid with the command /openstack/venvs/designate-20.1.1.dev7/bin/designate-manage pool show_config that should be executed from the Designate venv.

  • Variable haproxy_hatop_downloader has been removed, Deployers supposed to use haproxy_hatop_download_url override if needed to install in deployments with limited internet connection.

  • Variable cinder_service_internaluri_insecure has been replaced with keystone_service_internaluri_insecure that is used across all roles for the exact same purpose.

New Features

  • It is now possible to have a service which only have a frontend. by using haproxy_frontend_only inside your service.

  • Add the possibility to have a haproxy_frontend_raw entry to control haproxy config for the frontend, the entry will be literally copied in to the service. You can set a list under the key haproxy_frontend_raw