Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A key called “domain” is now available for interfaces. This allows the setting of a domain for an ifcfg configuration, which will aide DNS search.

  • Support for configuring policy-based routing has been added. A new top-level object “route_table” has been added, which allows the user to add tables to the system route table at /etc/iproute2/rt_tables. Routes have a new “table” property for specifying which table to apply the route. Interfaces now have a “rules” property that allows the user to add arbitrary rules for when the system should use a particular routing table, such as input interface or source IP address.


New Features

  • Some changes can now be made to interfaces without restarting. Changes to routes, IP addresses, netmask, or MTU will now be applied using iproute2 without restarting the interface, and the ifcfg file will be updated.

Bug Fixes

  • When the ivs interface (or nfvswitch) configuration changes, ivs (or nvfswitch) needs to be restarted in order to pick up the new configuration.

  • The ovs-appctl command may fail, particularly when setting an interface as a slave in a bond if the primary interface is not yet up. Retry the ovs-appctl command and log a failure if the command still fails.

Other Notes

  • The schema now allow the routes option to be an empty list. (Previously at least one route was was required.) Bug: 1792992 <>_.

  • Since this change uses iproute2 to make changes to live interfaces, it does not allow MTU on DPDK interfaces to be modified in place. DPDK requires that ovs-vsctl be run to modify MTU. For DPDK interfaces, MTU changes will result in an interface restart.


New Features

  • Adds support to use destination and nexthop as keys in the Route objects. destination maps to ip_netmask and nexthop maps to next_hop. Neutron Route objects use destination and nexthop, supporting the same schema allow passing a neutron route directly to os-net-config.

Known Issues

  • Currently the member interface for a contrail vrouter interface can only be of type interface. Types vlan and linux_bond are needed.

Bug Fixes

  • This fix adds support for member interfaces of type vlan and linux_bond

  • OVS is not required for os-net-config to run but some objects (OvsBond, OvsBridge etc.) rely on it being installed. This adds a check to ensure OVS is installed before creating objects that need it.


New Features

  • Adding dpdk support in meallnox nics. Dpdk now fully suuported in mellanox nics.