2024.1 Series Release Notes


새로운 기능

  • Adding a new option, [cache] enforce_fips_mode, to the rabbitmq driver to enforce the OpenSSL FIPS mode if supported by the version of Python.

  • The following new options are added. These options are used to customize connections in the dogpile.cache.redis backend.

    • redis_server

    • redis_username

    • redis_password

    • redis_socket_timeout

  • Now Redis Sentinel is supported as a cache backend.

  • When the dogpile.cache.redis backend is used and the [cache] tls_enable option is set to True, now the following [cache] options set tls certificates and keys used for TLS communication with Redis.

    • tls_cafile

    • tls_certfile

    • tls_keyfile

Upgrade Notes

  • The [cache] memcache_socket_timeout option no longer takes affect in when the dogpile.cache.redis backend, which is the documented behavior. Use the [cache] redis_socket_timeout option instead.

Security Issues

  • We are now able to enforce the OpenSSL FIPS mode by using [cache] enforce_fips_mode.