Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new options (hashclient_retry_attempts, hashclient_retry_delay, dead_timeout) to allow to configure pymemcache’s HashClient use through dogpile.cache’s pymemcache backend. Those options expose pymemcache params that allow to configure the failover for memcached cluster.

  • Add new options (enable_retry_client, retry_attempts, retry_delay) to add retry mechanisms to the pymemcache backend.

  • New options (enable_socket_keepalive, socket_keepalive_idle, socket_keepalive_interval, socket_keepalive_count) allow to use and configure pymemcache’s socket keepalive capabilities.


New Features

  • Added a new memcached driver that uses pymemcache through dogpile.cache.

    If willing to use this driver, make sure you have both dogpile.cache>=1.1.2 and pymemcache>=3.4.0 installed.