2023.1 Series Release Notes


Autres notes

  • This release reverts fix for Bug #1983863: Fixed logging in eventlet native threads. This fix caused gate problems during cross-project testing and needed to be removed from 2023.1 Antelope release.


Corrections de bugs


Corrections de bugs

  • Initialize the global_request_id context variable with a default value if the key is not passed in the context.


Notes de mises à jours

  • Default value of the [DEFAULT] logging_user_identity_format option has been updated and now includes system scope information by default.

  • Default value of the [DEFAULT] logging_context_format_string option has been updated and now Global Request IDs are logged by default.


Notes de mises à jours

  • The logging_user_identity_format option’s default value is updated to replace the obsolete tenant argument with project.