Pike Series Release Notes

Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The JSONFormatter formatter now converts unserializable objects with repr() to prevent JSON serialization errors on logging. The fix requires oslo.serialization 2.20.2 or newer. (Bug #1593641)


New Features

  • If the log format string includes %(error_summary)s, it will be replaced with a summary of the current error when there is one and with “-” when there is no error. If the log format string does not include %(error_summary)s the error summary will be appended to the end of the line automatically, only if there is an error.


New Features

  • Systemd native journal support is added. You can enable this in services with the use_journal flag.


New Features

  • A new oslo_log.log.is_debug_enabled helper function is added that allows to determine whether debug mode is enabled for logging.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated ‘verbose’ option has been removed.

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