2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new [healthcheck] ignore_proxied_requests option has been added. When this option is set to true, the healthcheck middleware ignores requests with any of the following headers, which indicates that the requests came through a reverse proxy or a load balancer.

    • x-forwarded

    • x-forwarded-proto

    • x-forwarded-host

    • x-forwarded-for

    • x-forwarded-prefix


New Features

  • The new [healthcheck] allowed_source_ranges parameter has been added. This parameter defines a list of network ranges from which access to /healthcheck endpoint is allowed.

Upgrade Notes

  • The olso.middleware package has been removed. This package was earlier deprecated to be replaced by the oslo_middleware package.

Deprecation Notes

  • The SSL middleware has been removed. It was deprecated in favor of the HTTPProxyToWSGI middleware.