Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • As reported in launchpad bug 1723030, under some circumstances policy checks caused a significant performance degradation. This release includes improved logic around rule validation to prevent that.


New Features

  • A new configuration option has been added to the [oslo_policy] group called enforce_scope. When set to True, oslo.policy will raise an InvalidScope exception if the context passed into the enforce method doesn’t match the policy’s scope_types. If False, a warning will be logged for operators. Note that operators should only enable this option once they’ve audited their users to ensure system users have roles on the system. This could potentially prevent some users from being able to make system-level API calls. This will also give other services the flexibility to fix long-standing RBAC issues in OpenStack once they start introducing scope_types for policies used in their service.


New Features

  • Add support for custom rule check plugins. http and https external rule checks have been converted into stevedore plugins and serve as examples.